This Week's Challenge: Find your long lost money!


I’ve got a feeling one of our members will strike gold this week.
(Don’t forget about me if you do!)

Your challenge this week: Check out and see if you’re owed anything.

I know what you’re thinking…

Does anyone ever really find money on those “found money” sites?

And the answer is YES! Yes, they do!

J. Money’s wife found $350 the last time she searched, and our hope is that your 5 minutes spent today will reward you just the same.

Me? I didn’t have anything waiting. :frowning: But there are like 2 dozen people named Derek who do!

Tell us what you found!

[If there’s nothing there for you, move to Challenge #2: Check all your couches, cars and junk drawers for lost money. :slight_smile: You have to get lucky there, right?]


So get this - someone just shot me an email about finding money after they read that blog post of mine which is like two years old! What are the odds??

“I recently read your article in unclaimed property, and BOOM! - - I have two claims totaling $3500.00!!!.. I’m waiting for those checks to arrive with the next few weeks!!!.”

if only we all were so lucky! (although who would forget $7,000?? i’m going to hope/assume it was a long lost inheritance and not old paychecks ;)))


No way! That’s amazing.


I’d recommending searching your state’s site directly.

Here is California’s:


Alas, no found money for me. But in the spirit of the challenge I could probably reclaim “lost” money by unloading some of the crap I’ve bought in the past that we no longer (or ever) needed.


Ha! Good idea. Money is money.


Didn’t find anything on, although I did find some money on California’s site! Sweet!


Didn’t find any money for me, but my little brother’s name popped up. So, I’m pretty sure that means I deserve half of whatever he receives…


So, I found $89. The problem is, they need proof that I lived at my previous address, which was not a home I owned (it was my parents’, who have since moved). Any ideas how I would obtain that proof?


Alright, I said… there’s no way… but then… there I was!

I doubt it’s much (it didn’t have the amount listed), it looks like an old utility company, but free money is FREE MONEY! Gracias for the suggestion, Rockstars! :pray:


Nothing for me - but always fun to check! :slight_smile:


We have a similar service for our superannuation funds here in Australia! If you type in the relevant info, they can find any accounts you may have had in the past that you haven’t rolled over into your current account. When I did mine I had almost $400 just sitting around :smiley:


I looked several years ago and found about $525 from an old employer. I still don’t know what the money was for but it was nice to find it.


Wow. That is incredible.


Darn! Nothing.


I know! The weird thing is that’s not even a lot by regular Aussie standards. The government has ads on TV imploring people to “find their super” because so few people actually pay attention to their accounts. There are millions of dollars unclaimed by people in the system.


Okay, looks like everyone needs to check both sites, including each state. I guess you only need to check states you’ve lived or worked in, but I’m wondering if it’s possible for there to be money in a state you’ve never lived in. Maybe if you had a relative die in another state, or a bank that operated in a different state or something like that??


I’d say so. Maybe half is a bit much. How about a 10% finders fee? :wink:


Here’s another good resource:


Darn, nothing for me either. Thanks for the link! I’m going to share it for sure! I bet there are many others out there that are missing money!