This Week's Challenge: Cut your food budget!


Have you had them? So good! :slight_smile:


No but I’ll be looking for them next time im there!


I can’t believe no one told me about the knockoff Girl Scout cookies-I guess I’ll have to go back now! :wink:


I really should have found some sort of beginner’s guide to Aldi before I went, huh? Don’t worry, you’re laughing with me, not at me. It was really funny, even then.
I’m always up for a new adventure and trying new things-I need to catch up on these challenges!


Is this not a normal thing in the US? Most of the grocery stores I’ve been to lock their carts, and they take a loonie ($1 coin) to unlock, not $0.25!


Most of the time I find a kid in the parking lot willing to take my cart back and he/she can keep the quarter. I phrase it that they are doing a job for me and the quarter is their pay. Setting up future generations of hustlers I guess.


We made a list of all our groceries, then went to the store and priced them per ounce. Then we went home and compared it to Amazon. Most things are about even, but there are some things that are significantly cheaper when ordering from Amazon. And since we have Prime already, no shipping!


Man, I’m glad you mentioned ordering food from Amazon. This is something I think more people should look into.

It sounds so strange to order food online and have it delivered, but it’s becoming more and more normal, especially for non-perishable items.

For me, there’s a stigma attached to ordering food online. It’s just a mental thing, it doesn’t make sense when you think about it. If you can order books and household items, why not cereal, flour, mustard, rice milk??

I’m gonna take another look. Thanks!


Cut to the chase…
Isn’t it as simple as withdrawing the 1/2 amount in cash and this is all you have to spend for the month?