This Week's Challenge: Cut your food budget!


Woo no, it’s for a week. It would be crazy to pay that for a month but it’s almost impossible considering that the kid drink for 10$ of milk everyweek.


haha, i had to ask. i thought maybe you were a super-food-minimalist or something!!


Could I save money in basically every category of my spending. SURE. Would the savings make me any happier? MAYBE. I love watching live sports on tv, I pay for my cable. I enjoy certain types of coffee, I pay for expense. I like the attitude Lars-Christian, if the spending doesn’t bother you, don’t change it.


@DerekOlsen, do you ever check out Sprouts? Since they came to KC, I rarely go anwhere else. Their BOGO sale is happening now and is pretty consistently repeated about every 3-4 months. Bulk foods and produce are a fraction of Whole Foods and even much less expensive than traditional grocery stores. I do skip the meat though… we get our freezer filled with a bundle from his local meat locker by my brother every Christmas. Best. gift. ever.


Funny, I haven’t been to the sprouts in KC but I’ve been to the one in Oklahoma several times when visiting my parents. I did really like it. The selection is right in line with what we buy/eat and the produce was fantastic. I’ll have to put that on my list.

Just looked at the map, there isn’t a Sprouts in Midtown, boo! But maybe it would be worth the trip for the BOGO sales.

Thanks for the tip!!


This is what I love about personal finance. Everyone is different.

I never watch sports, don’t have cable. But I’ve spent a fortune on concerts and live music!


I wonder if @michelleschrogardner has any recent blog posts about this? :wink:


I just recently switched over to vegan eating and this is super true.

One thing people don’t think about adding is potatoes. They are surprisingly packed with lots of awesome nutrients: protein, iron, magnesium and so on. They also tend to go onto sales of 50% off often, and keep long.


Ha, thanks for the tag! Yes, I just wrote about this -

I’m all about meal planning!


I’m all for pantry weeks, and also freezer weeks. We are terrible for making a big batch of something and freezing half and forgetting it’s in the depths of the deep freeze. Usually every couple of months we’ll do a search and force ourselves to eat up everything so it’s not wasted.


Our household spends about $75/week for a family of 2 adults and 1 child. This is for 5 days and 6 nights a week on average. The rest of the time we eat out. I feel like we have it fairly optimized, but there’s always room to improve. By the way Trader Joe’s is where we do the bulk of our shopping, they’re owned by Aldi’s.


Yes!! At my house it is easy because my freezer is the size of 3 loafs of bread…that’s it!! At my BF’s they eat so much freezer convenience foods that I can’t pack too much in there. I have also found with a house full of dudes (two teens and the BF) nothing lasts very long unless it is the things that need preparation. Basically, if it can’t be microwaved in 3 minutes or less they won’t be making it. :laughing: My frozen chili and soups are pretty safe. :slight_smile:


That’s pretty good. Any tips on how to optimize your food budget?


We typically buy groceries for 2-3 meals per week, so we always have left overs. That helps cut down on waste. We also don’t eat a lot of meats, which helps keep the bill down. Our protein comes mostly from beans/grains, and we add in fish/chicken every other week. Lots of fruit, veggies, etc…throughout. At the end it’s really about just paying attention to what we put in our cart, and not overbuying just to end up tossing things out at the end of the week.


My wife was able to negotiate herself into a 9 month paid sabbatical so she has the time to go to multiple grocery stores for the best deals as well as prepare home meals. I’ve been brown bagging to work for 20+ years as well, so there is really nothing to cut. The only cutting that would be possible would be to portions or food quality. Neither of which are any interest to me. :slight_smile:


This is THE BEST. And frugalwoods “eat all the things” post is awesome. We have been eating three ingredient meals. Anything less than a tbls doesn’t count. But rice beans and a yam make a great easy tasty lunch. It’s easy to get a ton of variety when meals take a few minutes to prepare. Since we really focus on minimizing our groceries things don’t get lost then wasted in the fridge.


@MissMazuma @DerekOlsen So, I finally made it to Aldi this week. I was expecting worse from the comments about it, but it was clean and had all the basic things I could need. I couldn’t find the carts (apparently there were in some weird nook outside the store) and still don’t know what’s up with the bagging tables (seriously, the cashier just throws everything back in the cart?..or in my case, I couldn’t find the carts so it was awkward, lol). I felt like the prices were good, but as I’m pretty good about stocking up on nonperishables when they go on sale at my local Kroger and they’re usually a little cheaper than Aldi I doubt I’ll be going back regularly. If I had a bunch of things I needed that weren’t on sale, I likely would though.


Haha - looks like your daughter wasn’t a fan either! Well, it isn’t for everyone and that’s ok. The cart situation can be a bit ridiculous. Some have baskets inside but my Aldo doesn’t which is super annoying when I need a lot of items (I never take a cart because I dont carry quarters around!). We don’t have a Kroger here but I imagine it would be on par with my other new favorite called Pete’s Fresh Market. If I can’t get what I need at Aldi I head over there. The fruits and veggie section is HUGE and pretty cheap. Anywho, so glad you had a chance to check it out. If you bought the knock off girl scout cookies that in itself was worth the trip! :cookie: :smile:


Okay, I laughed out loud at this!! Not at YOU, but because this is exactly what happened to me the first time I went. You have to use a quarter to unlock the grocery carts and then you get your quarter back when you return the cart! And yes, you’ll need to bring your own bags or boxes. They check your groceries in the checkout line REALLY fast so that the line of people waiting to check out doesn’t get too long. A lot of times you can grab used/empty boxes from around the store and use those. (Like at CostCo) So again, just some things you’ll need to get used to.

Hooray for trying new things!!! Make sure you also grab an Ad for next weeks sales at Aldi. That will help you decide if you’ll be going back to Aldi or Kroger.


ha!!! Come on now!!!