The thread about FinCon18 and MilBlogging18


All right, I’ll admit it.

I’m exhausted from FinCon.

Maybe it was the two days of MilBlogging just before that. Or maybe it was the jet lag from our last-minute redeye instead of arriving in Dallas a few days early. Or maybe it was the 68-day rental property rehab that we completed (with tenants) just 72 hours before we got on the plane. Maybe it was dry cold climate, or the freezing Exhibition Hall, or the broken heater in our hotel room, or the guy who sneezed near me.

Maybe it was trying to say aloha to every one of the 1750 attendees in between presentations… and BBQs… and pub crawls.

I’ve had four consecutive nights of sleeping eight hours straight through, a rare event which last occurred over two years ago after my emergency appendectomy and all of that morphine. (But I greatly prefer getting high on financial conferences.) I’ve even taken a couple of afternoon naps in between those solid eight-hour recovery sleep cycles.

In any case, I’ve already bought my tickets to MilBlogging18 and FinCon18. Marge and I are also making hotel reservations around those dates and then planning to arrive a few days earlier to recover from the flights.

I’ve bought the VIP/Pro pass versions of those tickets, and I explain why at the back half of my review post:

Feel free to plagiarize that justification in the perpetual debate which starts when your audience asks you why they should spend all of their extra money on the higher-level passes.


See you in FinCon. Already bought tickets when they announced it in FinCon17

Will definitely write a guide about Orlando for those of you who are coming in from different states


A bit late to the game. Here’s my post on FinCon17.