The Rockstar Community Fund Website Is Now Live!




Guys, I can’t tell you how amazing I think you are for setting this up. What a fantastic bunch of people. Reading these stories has made my day. Sadly, I am one of the international community members, so I can’t get a card from you. But, as of next pay cycle I’m going to become a donor and I want to do something similar where I live. This is truly inspirational!


You know what? Go fill out the form anyway, and request a card! We’ll PayPal you the amount of the card so you can go do whatever you want - we’re trying to figure out how to make the international thing work, so please help us out!

(still include your address, please)

And thanks for becoming a donor after this month!


Hey @Nate done and done, thank you for getting in touch :smiley:


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And yes! @Ms.Montana in fact did give us $1,000 to fund the RCF!! Which is a God send as it covers the next two full months of #GivingCards!! Still in shock about it all :slight_smile:


Wow! HUGE shoutout to @Ms.Montana for her awesome generosity!! :+1::+1::+1:


I have a fun little post coming up Monday explaining the art of giving small gifts with big impact. Like most anything, it’s just the result of 15 years of practice. Practice anything consistently for 15 years and you’ll get better at it. Giving is no exception. =)


This girl is good


Thought ya’ll would appreciate the article I wrote today, introducing @J.Money @Nate and @Steve launch for The Community Fund.

The Power Of Doing Good!


than you man!! Sooooo helpful in getting the word out - we need all the help we can get :slight_smile: (And even awesomer that you were one of the first few involved in the project before it was even “a thing!” Your financial and marketing support is much loved - thank you!)


Happy to help! We’re behind you all the way. The Rockstar Community Fund is, indeed, a ripple in a pond. Just trying to help you turn the ripple into a wave!


Didn’t know where to post this, so decided to put it here. A friend of mine lost his house on Jan 1. Reminds me of @Dads_Dollars_Debts, though this friend doesn’t have the cash flow to cover the short-term needs. Just wanted to make folks aware, and ask you to considering helping Bruce if you’re so inclined. Sorry if it’s inappropriate, just trying to help a friend!


Hey–when I clicked on the above, it took me a page on GoDaddy that said the domain name expired on 12/26/2017 and is pending renewal or deletion. Just thought you should know. Is it my browser?


Worked for me when I clicked on link. I will donate right now Fritz. It is absolutely devastating. I hope he has good insurance. Wishing him a smooth recovery.


This is a good development. However, you may need to renew the domain name as it reported “NOTICE: This domain name expired on 12/26/2017 and is pending renewal or deletion.” when I tried to visit the site.


Wise words! And inspiration to keep working and giving! What an amazing gift! :grinning::tada:


Hey all, just wanted to let you know that yes, the website is no longer active, since we sunsetted (is that a word?) the project at the end of 2017, to make way for the future of Rockstar Finance under new leadership.

However, you can see a summary of all the GOOD we did in 2017 here at the archive:

Keep on keepin’ on!



Thanks for keeping us updated. Well done.


Jenny, see note above from @Nate The Rockstar site is being replaced, the old site is expiring.