The Rockstar Community Fund Website Is Now Live!


SO fabulous!! I am so excited about this and looking forward to contributing and seeing this project grow. I am so sick right bow I can barely comprehend the words in front of my face but I promise I will be in touch soon. :slight_smile:

Good job, guys!!

PS - I love the addition of the Debt Drop and being able to see the total giving!!




All the good ideas are @J.Money’s :wink:

Get better soon! And come up to MKE for a malt soon!


Awesome Initiative - already shared it on Twitter! Great write up from the “test run”, amazing what an impact small group of generous people can have in this world. Excited to see where this leads. Kudos to @J.Money for the concept, it’s “Rockstar”! A great theme for 2017: Unify & Help Others


Ugh. Sorry you still feel like crap, 'Cuz. You’ve been fighting this one a while. Get well soon. :cry:


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This is fantastic! I’m looking forward to supporting this project, and the site looks great! Nice work all around.


WOW is right! Great story J. Question… How did you know he was the one? I mean, after hearing his reaction it seems quite serendipitous that you would pick the exact right person who would completely need it but also be willing to give back. Kismet.

The #GivingCards Project – Mission #2: Give a Financial Boost to Someone Struggling

Love it!


Oh no, I hope you recover soon!


The site looks outstanding, guys. I love that it’s not just a page, but an entire site devoted to the project. The Million Dollar goal is fantastic, as well.


Huge goal but I know it can be done with this group - as @J.Money proved today giving and doing good is contagious


Amazing story @J.Money! I’m writing an Epic post on deciding what’s truly important, and I’m tying in your Launch Announcement as part of the story. I’m going to use the above quote, it captures EXACTLY what this is about! This is awesome!


Thanks for being the first person to pick up and run with that, haha - it’s a huge goal, but time we got :slight_smile:


The site looks great! I gotta say wow to @Ms.Montana - is that donation for real??? You’re wonderful!

I have a meeting this weekend with a local finance instructor at a community college and I’m going to make sure he is aware of this effort in case he can help spread the word!


@J.Money I know how you feel! What a great story! How wonderful that this will be a continuous effort.


Looking forward to this - I have the perfect person in mind for this gift! My husband has an old coworker/friend who was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer a few months ago. He’s been out of work since - struggled to give his family a good Christmas and his wife a birthday gift. I found out his address and have been trying to think of something I could anonymously send that would help them, at least a bit. This would be perfect!


Great idea!!!




Guys, I can’t tell you how amazing I think you are for setting this up. What a fantastic bunch of people. Reading these stories has made my day. Sadly, I am one of the international community members, so I can’t get a card from you. But, as of next pay cycle I’m going to become a donor and I want to do something similar where I live. This is truly inspirational!