The Power of small decisions


17 years ago, as a way to reduce expenses so that money could be more productively invested, I began cutting my own hair. At that time I was paying $15 a month to have my hair cut, and I usually gave a $2 tip. Becoming my own barber only saved me $289/year, but $289/year compounded at 10%, which is less than I actually earned on investments over the last 17 years, grows to $10,000! In ten more years the invested savings will grow to $34,000, and eleven years after that–$100,000.

Warren Buffet supposedly realized at the age of 11 that money he might spend for a purchase (in his case it was a bicycle) could, if invested, grow exponentially into a small fortune through the power of compounding. Anyone can put this simple principle to work, so the next time we’re tempted to buy a $300 item, it might be worth remembering what $300, if invested, can grow into over 17, 27, or 38 years.


My BF likes to tell the demise of his hair and subsequentially his need for a barber…

25 minutes of cutting and 5 minutes of chatting to 20 minutes of cutting and 10 minutes of chatting which eventually turned into 15 minutes of cutting and 15 minutes of awkwardly stretched chatting. When he realized it was 5 minutes of cutting and 2 minutes chatting…he never went back. :joy: Now he uses a flowbie for the occasional trim.

But you are right, the power of small decisions is as important (and maybe more so) than the influence a large purchase puts on your finances. I used to shop at Whole Foods frequently because I could afford it…and then I realize I would rather afford a few years less of work. Now I am an Aldi shopper for the most part and rarely hit up Whole Foods unless its with a gift card. No judgment to those who do, I just decided my priorities had shifted and that was my largest expense. As for my hair, I get it cut once or twice a year. :slight_smile:


Yeah I can’t see the point of paying for a hair cut when all I have to do is get the trimmer out and buzz to 1/8" or whatever the shortest is! My wife is a good sport and always does the clean up by getting the parts I miss! I’ve been doing this for over 10 years now, so I’m sure it’s saved us boatloads too!


Lol the flowbee!!! I was convinced my dad was the last person using those. My dad has been using one for 25 years and I am trying to convince my fiancé to let me flow his hair (he pays $40 a haircut in the city every two months which is more than I spend!). I think he is finally starting to warm up to the idea.

Funny story - My grandma used to have short hair so my dad flowbeed her hair once. Needless to say she was not happy with the outcome and the next day she went to her beauty salon!

I’m also a big aldi shopper. Can’t get everything there but sure can’t beat the prices on things you can.


Congrats on the money you saved/made by mastering the skill of cutting your own hair. I should be so lucky. Fortunately, my husband shaves his head - so we save a ton there. I stopped getting highlights in my hair and that saved me a nice chunk over the years. It would be interesting to see just how much that savings has netted me. If we can apply this logic/practice to most things - our working career can be greatly reduced. Woot!


We have an Aldi that we used to use as part of our 3-store grocery shopping excursion day. Nowadays, we actually save money on our groceries by ordering them online and having them delivered. There always seems to be a $20 off coupon sent to my email, I’m able to use my store card for specials as well as regular coupons, we avoid ALL impulse purchases, and we save ourselves about half a day. We couldn’t be happier. I do draw the line at cutting my own hair. Cutting out highlights was the extend of it. Like you, I only get a few haircuts a year. #longhairrocks


Remember those Flowbee commercials? They were the absolute best! I was a kid when they first hit the scene - I had no idea I would actually consider it as a possibility as an adult. :joy:


I wrote on Monday about small decisions like that compounding over time. I cut my oldest sons hair. I used to cut my other sons hair but then he decided that mom didn’t do a good job and he wanted to visit the barber like Dad. I get my hair professionally cut, but only every 8 weeks. P.S. there’s an Aldi opening in my town in a few months, so excited!

My post on the topic if someones interested


Funny… I do the opposite… I really enjoy highlights, so I continue to get them. I also only go about twice a year though… I claim the ‘hombre’ look during the in between phases. :slight_smile:

I actually started cutting my own hair a couple of years ago, because it seems like hairdressers just want to cut it too short. Like you, I love my long hair. I went on to YouTube and found some videos and then found a strategy that works well for me. My hair is about down to the bra length and it is naturally wavy with layers, so it does hide any imperfections when I trim it myself. I also get a lot of compliments, so I know I can’t be doing too bad of a job!

Anyway, if you enjoy the salon, go for it, but you may want to check out some YouTube for inspiration if you are looking for to save a few dollars.


Agree 100%




I’ve tried cutting my own hair, but I buzz cut just doesn’t work as well for me as having a bit more hair on my head. So I go and get it done by someone who knows what they’re doing instead. I never like paying it, but I’ve found a nice hairdresser with a not too bad price, who doesn’t insist on small talk the whole session. So it works!