The new Blog Directory is now here!


As long as she can deal with cleaning up bodily fluids, pet sitting is generally very fulfilling and fun.


Is there a badge/widget that we can put on our sites for the directory? Would love to show some love back to the site! Would love a 300x300 (or whatever the size is) square icon to put with my other stuff to link back to!


huh… hadn’t thought about it but let me see what we can do :slight_smile: We do have badges for when people are featured on Rockstar Finance - . That’s much more skill-based, Haha…

How about in the meantime just adding the Directory to your blogroll or linking in other spots that make sense? That would help out immensely as the more people we can get going to the site the more traffic it generates for everyone listed :slight_smile:


Wow, amazing stats! The numbers definitely point to a need for more diversity in personal finance. Both from a race perspective, but also more women over 40!


This year I’ll be hitting the big 7-0. Does that make me the oldest blogger here? :open_mouth:

Great work on the blog directory, and thanks for the interesting stats!


The hyperlinks on the posts in appear to be broken? They take me to a file not found page?