The new Blog Directory is now here!


SO strong.

Well one @J.Money and @Steve :slight_smile:


Such a kick a$$ directory! Congrats you guys!


thanks guys :slight_smile:

we’ve literally added up almost 200 more blogs since launch last week too. so incredible seeing how many are out there! We’re up to the 800s now.


Jaysus. I would think most of them are reasonably current, in terms of activity, as well? That’s a whole lot of personal finance blogs! I think I have about 70 in my RSS reader, so I have some exploring to do yet… :sunglasses:

Would be cool if you used the RSS feeds to log most recent post dates, and then you could compile stats on how many “active” blogs there are after a while.


already in the works :wink:

all 800 of those are currently active, and what we’re gonna do is move over those that haven’t posted in, say, 6 months or something over to inactive and then if they go down over to dead.

so pretty much we’re going to start archiving everything :slight_smile: and also soon to come is a RSS streaming articles on the site so you can see a live feed of what’s being published anytime you visit!


Frickin’ awesome!

I mean, it’s cool and all right now, but for me mostly as a reference tool that you’ll use every now and then. But when you’re aggregating up recent posts, and presenting a feed, you’re essentially doing the job of curating my RSS reader for me, which suddenly makes it a lot more interesting to visit on a regular basis.

And, of course, I’m glad you’re already working on my first suggestion, too :grin:


We have a ton planned for the Directory. This is only just the beginning. :slight_smile:


Crazy back end behind the scenes stuff you guys have happening
Thanks @J.Money and @Steve


it’s all to grow our community even bigger! the world needs our help :slight_smile:


I just looked at my Analytics data - bounce rate from the directory is only 44.4%! WHAT?!? I mean, it makes sense that someone looking at the directory would be interested in a PF blog, but whoa.


bada bing, bada bang!


Thanks J$ and Steve! So great to see this list and watch it grow.


ooo! I love the stats! Question: If we submitted our information and then decided to change our name like a month later, is it possible to get it updated in the directory?


Love it! Thanks for all your hard work in putting this together guys!


not a problem at all!

we’re about to launch a way for everyone to update whatever they need to over time much easier directly through the site :slight_smile: it won’t be fully automated, but pretty close to it.

we’ll be sending everyone a note about it soon.



i think I missed the boat with not adding Twitter and Facebook. Can you add my twitter handle @othala_fehu and facebook page at



Here - try out our new “update” system!

we’ll be emailing everyone their Blog ID soon, but you can request it up at the top and it should work just fine. once you update whatever you’d like to update, we’ll see it in our queue and approve for you :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for this awesome directory, and the unique blog ID to be able to update. You guys are adding massive value to the FI community. Much appreciated from this baby blogger!!! :grin:


Thanks so much!! We love this stuff! :slight_smile:


Good work! I’ve encouraged my daughter to look into pet sitting/walking/care. She’s in high school and is fantastic with animals. They all seem to gravitate towards her.