The #GivingCards Project


The #GivingCards Project provides an ongoing resource to help our community create unexpected joy in the lives of the people around them.

If you’re not yet familiar with us, check out what we’ve done together so far! Anyone is welcome to participate – we give you a $20 Visa card, and your job is to do The Good :slight_smile:

Grab a card here, and then let us know what you did by sharing your story below!



just gave out my giving card for the month!!

i was playing at the park with my 3 y/o when it started to pour down rain, and on our race to the car my phones slipped out of my back pocket to be lost (what I thought would be) forever.

it didn’t occur to me until I was 5 mins away that it was gone and had to turn around and retrace our steps together in the pouring rain. it was awful :frowning: feeling defeated we headed back to the car when all of a sudden someone across the parking lot yelled, “did you lose your phone?”

YESSS!!! OMG I LOVE YOU!!! i yelled back haha…

I gave her a big ass hug that probably startled her, and she told me she had found it on the ground and was asking all the parents running by her into nearby stores if they had lost their phone - isn’t that so sweet??? she must have been there for 15 mins all the while having 2 small kids alongside her and rain pouring down everywhere (fortunately she was covered by the awning of the store).

in my joy and relief I quickly ran back to the car after profusely thanking her, when all of a sudden I felt super guilty… Why didn’t I offer her something in return? Some small gift for going wayyyyy out of her way to help return something that’s not even hers?

Then i remembered i always kept a trusty #givingcard in my pockets, and we swung back around and gave it to her :slight_smile: told her it was for people who Do Good and she totally deserves the crown. Huge swing of emotions for me this past hour! Haha…


That was so awesome of her! Glad you got the phone back and were able to do some good yourself too!


Thank you Amy :slight_smile: It was a gentle reminder of what’s most important in life too. The look on my kids’ face just hanging out with daddy and “playing” in the rain looking for the phone was priceless :slight_smile:


Love it!!!