The #GivingCards Project – Mission #7: Get Outside and Do GOOD!


Every month The #GivingCards Project helps our community create unexpected joy in the lives of the people around them. If you’re not yet familiar with us, check out what we’ve done together so far. <3

This month we’re giving out twelve $20 VISA cards! In order to mark the official beginning of summer, we want you to walk out into the bright sunshine and bring a smile to the people you find out there :slight_smile:

Here’s the link to request one of these cards: $20 #GivingCard form (The only rules are that you have to do The Good by June 30th, and then tell us what you did.)

Additional info:

As always, you can use our money or your own to go out into your world and do some GOOD, but no matter what, please come back to this page and share what you did! Cards are only valid in the United States, but if you live outside, we can PayPal you the money for one. Matching the theme (co-worker) is encouraged, but totally optional – just do something positive for someone :slight_smile: You can use the money absolutely any way you want – be creative!

If you have any social media channels or blogs, please share this project! Just link to this page you’re on right now, or to The #GivingCards Project website.

If you want to help support this project so even more people can participate in next month’s mission, you can do that here.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


(We’ve done GOOD in 42 states and 6 countries so far!)

The #GivingCards Project – Mission #6: For a Family Member
The #GivingCards Project – Mission #6: For a Family Member


Courtney, one of our members, asked us to post this for her in the forum, so here’s her contribution!

I decided today (a month or more overdue!) to give away the card I received to an old friend of mine. This guy, Stephen is a real champion, busting his butt to make it through trial after trial with a smile on his face! Every time I see him or his wife, Jennifer they seem like the kindest, coolest people. I knew them in middle and high school and have continued to see them off and on at our daycare. Through facebook, I knew their home that they recently bought flooded in the “Great Flood of 2016”. This is a major financial, physical and emotional strain to bounce back from for many that have gone through it in our area. They lost both vehicles to the flood and since then Stephen has been hit twice by other drivers, totaling out his vehicle each time. The second time the driver didn’t have insurance so he has to cover the additional cost. The couple also had just opened a bakery shop before the flood and quit their day jobs to run it! Now they are hustling to run their dream shop with 2 children on a limited budget while renovating their home and having vehicle issues over and over. I know the card is a drop in the bucket for their expenses but I wanted to put a smile on their faces and a little boost knowing I think they’re rock stars making the best lemonade of the lemons they’re getting!


For the May/June #giving card challenge we (wewon31 & laglenn98) combined our two giving cards to double the money and paid for $40 worth of free lunches to unsuspecting lunch goers at a local food truck rally. We created business cards with the the #givingcard mission statement and gave those along with the $40 in cash to a local food truck (@presswaffles). Everyone who placed an order was given their lunch for free, the business card and asked to post a photo and a thank you online with only one request: To pay it forward. I guess there is such a thing as a free lunch :slight_smile:


Great idea!! :slight_smile:


Wow, I LOVE this idea, and the card! Such a very cool thing for unsuspecting lunch-goers to get :slight_smile:

Very well done!


beautiful!!! love the creativity and seeing those cards like that!

Thank you for making my morning :slight_smile: (and other peoples days!)


Just gave away a crisp £20 note to a complete stranger here in Edinburgh, Scotland.

In the UK, there is a magazine called The Big Issue and it is sold on the streets by homeless people.

The homeless vendors buy the magazines for £1.25 each from the Big Issue charity organization and then they can sell them for £2.50 and pocket the profit.

So rather than resorting to begging, people who are down on their luck can actually start their own micro business and can try to get back on their feet again.

I don’t tend to give money to beggars, especially here since they are usually smoking cigarettes and/or drinking alcohol while they’re begging, but I do try to support Big Issue sellers because they are taking some initiative and working to improve their situation.

Anyway, I was walking around town and noticed a friendly-looking Big Issue seller. He clearly had some neurological issues but he was smiling at everyone as they walked by and was asking if they’d like a copy of the Big Issue (without being pushy or aggressive in any way).

I just got a really good vibe from him for some reason and I realized he’d be the perfect person to give my #givingcard to!

So I went up to him and asked if I could buy a Big Issue. He was very happy to have a customer but when I handed him the £20 note, he looked really disappointed and said that he didn’t have enough change for such a big bill (he was probably worried I’d change my mind about buying one).

I told him that the full £20 was for him and that I actually didn’t need the magazine either so he could keep it and sell it on to someone else.

Hopefully it made his day and motivated him to keep working towards a better future.


loooooove it!!!

what a cool idea man, and even more so w/ a £20 note making us international like a champ :slight_smile:

thanks so much for joining us and sharing - always fun to see how everyone chooses to pay it forward.

(mine was much less interesting this month as I gave it to a homeless man this week who was sleeping on a park bench the kids and I were playing near. Thought it would make for a good thing for them to see and participate in, but we all got a shock when we woke him and he jumped! Haha… He was super happy about it though, of course, and we spent the ride home in the car talking about being nice to others and appreciating what we have :))