The #GivingCards Project – Mission #6: For a Family Member


Will do!


That Nevada is looking lonely!! Nobody wants to go out and drop some love in Vegas?? (And then give out a #GivingCard too? ;))


@J.Money … LMAO!!! I read that at work and actually laughed out loud… :slight_smile:


Just used my #GivingCard for the month!!

Came out of the blue too - sitting here at Panera Bread 5 mins ago when a young woman asked if I had a few dollars to help her family buy food. Went to reach for a cple dollars (I have a rule that i have to say “YES” no matter what, in an attempt to be better about this) and remembered I had put a card in my pocket this morning :slight_smile:

The look on her face was priceless!!! Especially as she had been ignored from the others it looked like as she was asking around here…

when she left i heard people say under their breaths that I “got ripped off” and that she was a scammer looking for a handout, but you know what?? who cares even if she was? no one should be begging for food to feed their family, and she’s obviously way worse off than any of us are…

i started getting pissed, and then noticed people waving at me across the room a minute later. it was the family i just gave the #givingcard to and they were mouthing “thank you”.

reminded me again of why we’re doing this thing :slight_smile:


Love this!!! Warmed my heart!


GEORGIA got some GOOD!

I donate to the GivingCard Project every month, but this month I also requested a card to give. Since I would be traveling through Georgia while driving to Michigan from Florida I thought it would be a great opportunity to color the state.

I have distant family in Georgia, but I was unable to arrange a meet up with them, so I did something even better. I made a donation within my #RockstarFinance family to meet this month’s mission!

On Saturday, May 6th, My mom and I had the pleasure of meeting Fritz @RetirementManifesto and his wife for dinner in their town among the mountains of North Georgia. I remembered from some of Fritz’s prior posts that Jackie was a volunteer with a dog rescue organization (turns out Fritz is too). So I doubled the $20 GivingCard and donated $40 to “The Barking Lot” Tri-State Pet Rescue.

The pet rescue organization helps save doggies from euthanasia (over 1000 saved last year!) While the dogs are awaiting adoption many of them stay at a pet sanctuary. Our donation will be going towards the current fundraising effort of an exercise yard for the dogs.

I had not yet received the GivingCard prior to my trip, so you’ll see cash in the photo instead.


I can’t tell ya’ll now much that means to my wife and I. We volunteer EVERY Saturday for a local dog rescue, and desperately need the funds for an exercise yard we’re planning for dogs. I loved it so much, I shared it on Tri-States Facebook Page. I can’t tell you how much of a “Passion” this is for my wife, and how much it means to both of us to have the support from this Forum.

Thanks @AmyB @Nate @J.Money @Steve for these awesome Giving Card Missions. You’re making a difference. Even in Georgia, and even “In The Family!” The Rockstar Family. How cool is that?


I love seeing this! Especially when it

A) Makes a difference we can see in the real world

B) Is done in real life

C) Joins with another person from our little family here :wink:

D) Fills in another state on the map!

You guys are all awesome, thank you so much <3


@AmyB @RetirementManifesto Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!


I can fill in Massachusetts if you guys still have any available!


We do! Just fill in your info here and we’ll get one out to you!


For my maiden GivingCard voyage, it looks like I’ll be doing some representing for California (and the Bay Area) this month! :slight_smile:

I’d been wondering how to give to my family when I knew they’d be on vacation on the opposite coast for two weeks of this month. It didn’t take long for me to come to the conclusion that stocking up the fridge for them when they got home was the thing!

I went a little over the amount on the card and picked up some fruit, milk and yogurt for my follks-- and then I decided to go to their favorite cafe and get them (and my aunt who was traveling with them) some sandwiches to enjoy after their long flight.

They arrived back on Saturday, and their flight was delayed even longer so they didn’t get home or to sleep until after midnight and so the fact that they had some food to eat right away was even more appreciated!

I took a photo of the guys who made the sandwiches holding the card-- and then one of the fridge with the ‘goods’.

Also attaching texts from my mom and my aunt (my Tia)-- thanking me! I felt so incredibly good to give them this gift!

And from my Aunt:

I’m grateful for this entire experience and the joy it brought to myself and my family!


I got to be a part of the #GivingCards Project in May. I actually ended up with two $20 Giving Cards this month. Once Nate mailed me out a card, he emailed me so I would know that it was on its way. I still didn’t have my card after a couple of weeks, so I emailed Nate about it. He put a second Giving Card in the mail for me (thanks again Nate!) which I got…then a few days later my original Giving Card arrived in the mail!

I emailed Nate back to let him know that I now had two Giving Cards. He told me to use one for May’s monthly challenge and to keep the other one in my purse to use at the perfect time. :slight_smile:

So, this is what I did this month with my two Giving Cards.

Giving Card #1

I decided to give my May Giving Card to my sister Lindsay.

A little bit about my sister Lindsay and her husband Earl. First of all, my sister is a total rockstar. Since February 2016, she and Earl have been foster parents. Since opening up their home they have fostered eighteen children. They have one biological son and they are now adopting another son through the foster care system. Their adoption date has been set for June 27th!

My sister and Earl also have a heart for missions. This past March they went together on a mission trip to Haiti. When they got back home, they started a company to help support the people working in Haiti.

My daughter turned two on May 20th, so I knew I would see my sister at her birthday party. She was really excited and surprised when I gave her the Giving Card.

That evening, my sister and her husband decided to go out on a much-needed date night together. So, I went over to my mom’s house and helped her babysit their kids. They went out to eat dinner together. Then they used the Giving Card to buy movie tickets to watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2. She thanked me several times for the card. Serving as foster parents is a full-time commitment, so they rarely get time away for themselves.

They both have compassionate and generous hearts and give to others on a daily basis. I was glad to surprise them with an unexpected gift that they were able to use to have a little fun together.

Giving Card #2
Friday, May 19th was my son’s last day of school so we went to his awards ceremony in the morning. After his ceremony, we took our kids to Memphis to visit the Bass Pro Shop inside the Pyramid.

Once we got back into town, we passed a Walmart on our drive home. I saw a family standing on the side of the road in front of the Walmart parking lot with a cardboard sign. The temperature was almost 90 degrees that afternoon. I hated that they were standing outside in the heat with their young children. I told my husband that we had to turn around so we could give them Giving Card #2.

When we got closer to them I was able to read their sign. It said that they needed money for gas and a hotel because they were trying to get their family back to their home in Florida. The man and woman looked like they were in their 30s and they had two very young children with them.

I didn’t want to embarrass them by trying to take their picture. So, I took a quick picture of my giving card before I got out of my vehicle and gave it to them. Both the man and woman smiled and said “God Bless You” to me after I gave them the card.

Like Nate suggested, I had kept my Giving Card #2 with me all month long waiting for the perfect moment to use it. I am glad that thanks to the #GivingCards Project, I could help that family in their time of need.

I am so thankful that I got to be a part of May’s #GivingCards Project!


Wonderful stories Brittany!


Wow, your sister IS a Rockstar! Great that you helped “Family” who was so deserving. Cool story about the “Extra” card to. It was always intended for that “Wal Mart Family”! Great story!


Since we launched Pearachute, we’ve had dreams of finding a way to make kids classes more accessible to all families. Last year, we partnered with The Ounce to explore how we can start to invite families with financial need onto the platform in a way that is sustainable and engaging. The #GivingCards project offered us an opportunity to do exactly this! We used our #GivingCards to purchase 5-class Flex Packs to send to The Ounce and matched the donation ourselves, but we thought that we could go further by getting our members involved. We reached out to our members to see if they wanted to donate extra classes from their accounts, and they did not disappoint! Pearachute members donated a total of 240 kids classes. This adds up to $5,760 worth of kids classes! Our friends at The Ounce distributed these donations as 5-class Flex Packs to young families around Chicago’s South and West side, giving families the opportunity to attend classes that support their kids’ development and create unforgettable family memories. Thank you #GivingCards for helping us turn $160 into $5,760!


Awesome job!!!


Wowwww, this sounds like a perfect match for you guys! So glad we were able to work together to help spark such a big partnership and provide opportunities for all those kids! Love it :slight_smile:


It’s funny, I go on a lot of road trips myself, and when I recently got back I found that my girlfriend had stocked my fridge for me in exactly this way - I can’t tell you how nice it felt to be able to sit and eat and not have to run out for food right away. Such a great idea, well done you!


First of all, your sister and her husband are putting in the giving work, my goodness - I know a couple who fosters, and it’s a tough job, so much love to them!

Secondly, it’s such a good feeling when you spot the exact moment that’s meant for the #GivingCard in your pocket - I’m glad you were able to find the right one. Thanks for making those moments special, and thanks a lot for sharing the stories with us!