The #GivingCards Project – Mission #3: Make a Loved One Smile


Thank you so much for hanging out with us this month and putting New Mexico on the map!


I haven’t actually met this person in real life, but we’ve been part of the same online group for a while and she lives a couple of hours away. She’s getting married in six months, and has had nothing but bad luck - she has an ongoing back injury, which caused her to miss work to the point where they let her go and she suddenly found herself with no income. I was in this position last year (sudden loss of job close to a wedding; my company went bankrupt) so I know how stressful it is, and saw she’s been posting online trying to sell her possessions just to make a little bit of money and how all she wished for was to be able to just have a date night with her fiance, because it had been one thing after another. I reached out to another friend of mine who lived in the same town to ask what kind of restaurants they have there, and found there was ONE chain restaurant I’d be able to get a gift card for here in my city, so I just popped it in a card, wrote a reassuring message, and sent it in the post. It should only take a few days to get there (I’m a tad late, but something unexpected came up at the end of Feb!!), but I’ll post when I hear it’s arrived!


And you were able to give her exactly that - the gift of a night out with her fiance, without stress. That goes so much further than the face value of the dollar amount. Perfect! (and your little notes in the mail are lovely - that made me smile) :slight_smile:


I’m so glad to finally share what I was able to do with the card!

My best friends mom is an amazing woman. She has a heart for shelter animals, particularly dogs, who need a forever home. The shelter she supports is regularly overcrowded and it’s typical for the animals to be stressed out and scared out of their minds.

Susan visits once a week and takes each dog outside to get a break from the concrete floors and all the noise of the other animals. She plays with them, loves on them and takes pictures of them to share on social media so people will know they are available for adoption. Often when the shelter just doesn’t have room for one more dog or there is a special medical need, she will take a dog to her home as a foster until they find a permanent home. The large majority of this care is done at her own expense.

Bruni was one of the dogs brought to the shelter in crisis. One can only imagine why or how he came to be in such horrible condition. Susan took him home, nursed him back to health, and now he is happy and living a great life in a wonderful home.

I wanted to give Susan one of the #GivingCards to help her with the expense of caring for her foster dogs. I’m so encouraged to have a friend like her in my life and am inspired by her willingness to be inconvenienced to care for those who so desperately need help.

Many thanks to the Rockstar Community Fund for sending a card for me to share and being such a blessing to so many!

Bruni’s progression under Susan’s care.

Amazing difference when someone feeds you and loves you!

Susan and Bruni

Giving Susan the card. She had tears in her eyes when I told her what it was and why I was giving it to her.



Wowwww, it’s amazing to see the results in an individual dog like that. So cool that she volunteers her time to help get those results, and LOVE the smiling happy pic of you guys! Thank you :slight_smile:


yayyyyyy love that Eva!!! what a perfect use for the card! :slight_smile: