The #GivingCards Project – Mission #2: Give a Financial Boost to Someone Struggling


yayyyy!!! love seeing all of this!! thanks for passing on the word to your readers :slight_smile: will help The Good get passed around even more!! woo!


Okay, after last month’s almost tear-inducing event giving my #GivingCard away, I went for a more lighthearted - and creative - approach to giving back this time :slight_smile:

I took out a handful of great financial books from my personal library and then distributed them amongst all the Tiny Libraries I could find in my area, haha…

The gifts that will keep giving!

In theory these should continue to transform lives over and over again throughout the decades :slight_smile:

Here were the four books I donated:

I chose two classics, and then two women-oriented books because anytime I ever see anyone going through these guys they’re always women. Which isn’t surprising, because ALL the book in there were romance novels!!

So hopefully these infiltrate okay, haha…


My brand spanking new gift card is chilling on my kitchen counter (I was doing a home renovation project when it arrived… and… buried my counter under piles of stuff for a few days. So, now, I’m still trying to figure out where I really want to make the most impact with this one.

Last month was so exciting and I was so giddy about finding ways to make an impact, and I’m not sure how to follow that up.

WHile i marinate on that further, I wanted to check back in to share with y’all that after we donated over $300 to pay off school lunch debt in our local schools, someone did the same in the next town over - to the tune of A THOUSAND DOLLARS. I saw it on the front page of our local small town paper and was just blown away.

I think there are so many people looking to make a positive impact - especially these days - and seeing ripple effects of kindness are really the best thing right now.

Sooooo… where will my $20 go? I think I know. Stay tuned.


I received my January Giving Card in the mail in February. No matter - I combined the two missions and had a blast.

Originally, I wanted to help animals at our local shelter waiting for homes, but then I read the mission was to help a loved one in financial need. I decided I’d save the animals next time.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I’m not sure which one to use, I didn’t need to look too far. My mother has struggled with making financial ends meet since my father passed away nearly a decade ago. She is now 72 years old and had quite a big fall just before Christmas. Up until that point, she had been babysitting and helping put some kids on the school bus to earn some extra money. That money would help her with gas and groceries. Since the fall, she been having problems moving her upper body and is waiting to get an MRI. It’s a struggle for her to get to the grocery store and get her normal errands done. I was able to use that $20 to get her some much needed groceries. Thank you so much for this charitable gift!



So sorry for the delay this month, but it’s all been fixed, and we’re so glad you were able to help a loved one - it doesn’t get much better than helping your mom, seriously :slight_smile:

PS she looks like such a nice lady :heart:


I finally gave my #GivingCard out today, along with a $20 bill.

Jeff is his name. He’s on disability and lives in a small camping trailer near us. His car runs sometimes.

We didn’t hit it off well when we first met, but things have smoothed out and as I got to know him, I knew that he was going to get my card.

What a great thing y’all are doing. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it. Giving those gifts sure made my day.


“His car runs sometimes” - ha :slight_smile:

Glad you got a chance to get a bit closer with him!


I received my card in the last week or so. I added $5 to the pot and used $25 to support a project on Kiva. Kiva crowdfunds loans for borrowers in more than 80 countries who are often financially excluded and can’t access other fair and affordable sources of credit.

I’d been wanting to support Kiva for a long time – I paid off a good chunk of my debt using a (different) crowdfunding website and love the concept of the generosity of strangers helping someone get it together – so it was great to be able to get started.

I supported a group of ladies in Lebanon looking to cover school tuition for their kids.

The cool thing is that if the loan is repaid, I can use the $25 credit that will return to me to support another project on Kiva.

To learn more about how Kiva works:


I just wanted to share how I gave out the #GivingCards I met a 5th grade teacher on Friday night and she was sharing with me how she had a little girl in her class that was wearing the same shirt to school everyday and the kids were starting to make fun of her. After talking to the principal, she found out that they young girl was living with her mom and two sisters in a nearby shelter. After hearing this story, I knew I had found the right person. I immediately grabbed the card and told her to please get her some clothes. My friend who was with me also donated an additional $100 right on the spot. I know I will never see this little girl but hopefully she will feel the love and know that she is special.



Kiva waaaay back in the day (nearly 10 years ago, wow - which is an eternity in internet time) was one of the projects that got me really interested in the crowdfunding possibilities in our increasingly connected world. A decade later, and I (we) are still building projects that harness the crowd to do good. Love it, thank you.


Thank you so much for this one - I teared up while reading it, as I’m sure her mom will when she sees all the new clothes her daughter will be able to have. This kind of thing means so, so much. Wow.

I had a little bit of a similar experience when I was young - I wrote about it here:

Thank you for making a difference :slight_smile:


I gave my givingcard to a friend who has meds they need to buy… it wasn’t a huge amount, but it was something to help them out!


A high school classmate of mine died a few weeks ago, right around the time the card arrived. She was ~42 and had cancer but was diagnosed too late. Born and raised in Gettysburg, she stayed here and had become a leader in the community, working at the South Central Community Action Program (SCCAP), which does so much good for so many people. She has children in college and just became a grandmother this summer, and I know this will help them out. Adrienne had just received the “Living the Dream” award at the 2017 Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration.

The one thing everyone has been saying is they will miss her smile. It was the first thing people visiting SCCAP for assistance saw when they walked in the door.


I am sending mine to a friend of mine that lives in another town. Her husband has a small contracting business and is the sole support of her family. He had an injury a couple of months ago that has kept him housebound (he can only move around for abt 20 mins at a time) and unable to work. In addition to keeping the administrative part of his business going, she has also taken another part-time job outside the home, takes her kids to & from two different schools in every day, cleared all of the crazy amount of snow that we have had lately, and all of the other household admin tasks that she already had to deal with before this happened. She just took apart her dishwasher with the help of youtube, figured out what part wasn’t working, and ordered it online so she can fix it herself. I know she is feeling overwhelmed but she keeps her head up and keeps moving forward and I hope she can use this to do something nice for herself or buy groceries or whatever would make her most happy.


Today was the day, I finally got to give my card away. I gave my card to my friend Vanessa. She is working hard to eliminate debt and provide for her daughter. Vanessa has been very focused on getting out of debt and I thought this was the person I should give the card to. I admire her positive attitude, hard work and loving soul. I invited her out to lunch today and gave her the card. She was very surprised and delighted at the gift.


She seriously had a beautiful smile . . . I’m sure the family appreciates your friendship and your help <3


One of the best ways to connect with people one on one!


Sometimes it’s these small, thoughtful things that make the most impact…


My gift card is en route to a dear friend in rural Illinois. She lives on a farm and there’s a lot of work to do, and given some health stuff, it’s just far more work than she can do at the farm on her own. So, a group of our friends get together each year, spend a weekend on the farm and help her get a lot of work done. It’s part working weekend, part social gathering…

But I can’t go - the date conflicts with some other stuff I can’t miss, so I was feeling bummed about that. By sending her my gift card, she can use those funds for supplies and repairs, or to help feed the people who will be staying with her that weekend.

It’s not much, but I hope it lightens her load even a tiny bit!


Buzzer beaterrrr for my Giving Card!

Okay so I actually signed up during January’s Mission- to give a little unexpected joy to someone.

I struggled with an idea all month long, mainly because I really wanted both my purchase, and my giving to bring the seller and the receiver some joy!

Yesterday I was down to the wire, but still holding out for the right opportunity. While on an errand in Highland Park, CA I ran into a group of Girl Scouts trying to hit their cookie quota. I was a cookie slangin GS once upon a time, and I know its a big deal. I decided these gals were the perfect start to my day. When I explained I was using a Giving Card to purchase 4 boxes of cookies, and assured them I was going to give them out to make some people very happy, the girls really got a kick out of it.

Then I set off to find recipients. Highland Park isn’t a very affluent neighborhood so I didnt think it would be too hard to find people in need of some joy, but surprisingly I did not see anyone that looked like they could use some cookie-laden joy. I decided to get myself some lunch and went into recently opened Blaze Pizza in my neighborhood. I had tried to go on their grand opening day and there were over 200 people in line, so I knew the workers in there had had quite the busy week. Without even the cookies on my mind (because, pizza) I was stunned by how kind and friendly the mostly teenage staff was! As I went down the line talking with each employee, I had enjoyable interactions and conversations even though I could see that these kids were working hard. The light bulb went off, and I decided to surprise them with a delicious break time treat. I reached the end of the line and was checked out near a manager. I let him know how his team had impressed me and I asked if it would be okay to offer them the cookies, ‘just to give them a little joy.’ He and the team were so excited, and they gladly posed for a pic with the cookies.

I know it was a simple gesture, but I truly believe the Girl Scouts and the Blaze team felt a little joy knowing someone wanted to make them smile that day.

Thank you Giving Cards project for bringing joy to my life as well!