The "Gift" all those with debt have


My girl Ruth from / just published this and I absolutely loved it…

Not because I was featured in it (totally forgot about what I had said!), but because there’s so much VALUE we all have in our society even when it comes to dealing with the struggles of debt and other horrible things we go through.

We are all given a gift of “experience” from it, and it’s up to us to make sure to pay it forward however we’re able to do so.

This is Ruth’s story of mustering up the courage to present a class on financial education through her local library, and why she decided to do it. I hope you’ll read it and leave her words of encouragement :slight_smile:


Done and done! Thanks for steering me over there. She is a total rock star to be able to talk about something so difficult to strangers…in public! I am in awe of her chutzpah! She definitely deserves a rainbow…:rainbow: :slight_smile:


@MissMazuma - thank you! she will be so happy to hear :slight_smile:

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This is awesome! Just read this even though I’m super late to the party and think I may have found how to talk in public about my story too! I used to do these types of talks for a cell phone company teaching about how to use smartphones! How much better a message would this be?!!


Beautiful!! DO IT!!


I think I should reach out to Ruth and @DebtDiscipline and get some ideas! I have my story packaged up, but thinking about finding some numbers that could bring statistics in and really impress upon others about the freedom we get from becoming debt free and showing them that it shouldn’t be that hard as long as we get on a plan and stick to it!


Let me know if you have any questions. Just gave a presentation tonight on “Avoiding Student Debt.” I had about 25 people in attendance at my local library.


That’s awesome man! Are you going or be at FinCon? We should meet up and chat! Would love to learn more about your strategy!


Thanks. No, not making it to FinCon this year. :disappointed_relieved:


Alright, I’ll hit you up soon about it then! Maybe next year!