The Future of Rockstar Finance


Just the first name… :wink:




Ha! Like we could ever forget you! :star_struck:


Easy task, put it in a popup window and hide the link, a π sign in the bottom right corner would do the trick… if you know what I mean :smile:


There is nothing better than being a stay at home dad. My husband would love to have been one except he didn’t have the opportunity.
You and some others have championed the concept that you don’t have to work until you are 65!
Go For It
Only 25 years ago, this was all a dream - dream on. what will 2045 bring???


Congrats to both of you @J.Money and @ESIMoney, two of the nicest guys in the personal finance blogosphere… Happy for you both!


Should have said - park this

Ask your future child what they think you accomplished before they were born??

Please put it in context. Ten years on, life will not be similar to ours. I am continually blown away with the level of change we live with, and indeed cope with

Good Luck!


fascinating idea!! I will do that!! :slight_smile: