Testing the waters


Hi all, I am SB, owner, and writer for my blog One Cent at a Time. I started out in 2011 so quiet a veteran by now. Initially, I was a Yakezie member and all initial blogging successes were because of that community. I was even the finalist for 2011 best blog of the year plutus award, eventually losing out to Paula Pant.

Then the Yakezie group slowly lost its shine and I too got busy with day job and family. For last few years my blog suffered due to my fading interest.

Right now, giving it another try by joining this forum to see if there’s any improvement in my blogging dedication and enthusiasm. hope you’ll welcome me in your community and share your experiences, successes and tips.


Hey SB, glad you decided join the forums. It’s an awesome group of people. Hopefully you’ll find the inspiration and support you need.

You’re years of experience are paying off because you’re site looks awesome!


Thank you, excited to interact with you and other bloggers here.


Welcome! Sounds like you’re one of the more experienced bloggers in the group – from what I’ve heard about Yakezie, it seems like RSF is filling that void of a PF blogging community that helps motivate and promote each other in the group.


Welcome to the forum - lots of great supportive people here. Very cool that you were a best blog of the year finalist!


Welcome SB - I just joined these forums not that long ago, and I’ve already found them helpful and informative. We’re glad to have a “old-timer” by blogger’s standards with us.


Welcome aboard!


Welcome. I think we are all ears if you want to drop some blogging wisdom on us. :slight_smile:


Welcome SB! Glad to have you here! Be sure and add your website to your profile and join the Blogger Lounge


I sincerely hope that this forum brings my old interest back :slight_smile: thanks


Thanks Amy! I added my site but how to enter v the lounge?


Yes definitely thanks for welcoming!


Thanks dear


Oh sorry, go here - http://forums.rockstarfinance.com/t/our-private-blogging-forum/58 and request access. :slight_smile:


Oh yes i did that last night. Waiting to be actioned


Hey SB! Great to have a veteran of your caliber in the house! Congrats on revisiting your blog, best of luck in getting it energized! Awesome that you were a Plutus finalist! That’s HUGE!!


Nice to see you here SB. I hope the group dynamic helps you stay enthused. It’s easy to fall off the wagon but it’s also easier to get back on with support.


Very well said, I am loving it so far!


Thank you Fritz! You have a nice blog


You’ve got the talent, you’ve got the smarts, you’ve got the know-how to kick butt blogging so you better stick around!!! :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: