Ten Factorial Rocks - Available for Sale


Hi There,

This is Roman aka TFR - owner/author/editor of Ten Factorial Rocks, a fairly well read personal finance site by loyal readers with 8000-10,000 page views/month till sometime last year, until I let it dwindle. I used to be an “active” blogger, but have now become “inactive” due to intense work pressure. I have taken up a demanding C-level role in an organization, and been drinking from a firehose. So, I have fallen behind on maintaining my blog and posting new articles. Still, with over 100 original researched articles, with high viewership up until late last year (my last article Mystical FIRE was published on July 12, 2018), each one of these could spawn multiple follow-on articles, even if you simply want the copyrighted content. The site is paid for till July 2019.

Every article I have written is originally researched, and often covers new perspectives not found in other PF websites. A number of articles have been featured in Rockstar Finance, and other websites. There are no affiliate memberships (never had the time for it), so those interested may see potential in this area as well.

Instead of letting TFR slowly disappear, I would like any enthusiastic blogger (could be currently active in PF space or aspiring to be) to take ownership of it. With a heavy heart, I have decided to let my TFR “baby” go because a new owner can nurture this better than me. I am looking for any serious offers to buy and take over - this is available immediately. More than money, I am looking for a passionate blogger in the PF space with interesting plans to either take the site to a new level or take over the content and enhance their own website.

Serious buyers: Please shoot me an email with your best offer to [email protected].