Take one of these $20 VISA cards and give an unexpected gift to someone in your community!


Every month Rockstar Finance wants to provide a way for each of us to go out and do some good in the world. We’ve dubbed this project the Rockstar Community Fund, and this month we’ll be harnessing the spirit of the holiday season:

We want you to give someone an unexpected gift.

The RCF has purchased FIFTY $20.00 VISA cards for this holiday mission. We will give these cards out to anyone in our community who wants them, as long as they do the following two things:

1. Use this $20.00 by Christmas to give an unexpected gift to someone in your world.
This can be a friend, family member, co-worker, or even a stranger on the street. Our goal is to show that even a small amount of money can make a huge impact, and the more creative you can get, the better.

2. Come back to these forums once you’ve completed the mission and share what you did!
Tell us the story of who you chose, why you chose that person, what you did for them, and what the result was. Pictures or videos of any part of your gift-giving are even better. Inspire us with your fun and heartwarming stories! (Update: if your idea ends up helping more than one person, that’s fine too!)

That’s it – it’s pretty simple. If you like this mission, then we will personally send you one of these $20 VISA cards in the mail to use for this project. Keep in mind that you must be a member of this forum to receive one, in order to share your results.

Are you in? If so, fill out this form (EDIT: We’ve run out of all 50 cards - check back next month for our next mission!) and then obsessively check your mailbox every day and get ready to do some GOOD :slight_smile:

A few quick notes:

  • If you want to participate, but don’t want or need to use our money to do it, then by all means take $20 of your own money, do the mission, and come back here to share it along with the rest of the stories! What counts is spreading the love this holiday season.

  • Keep in mind that this doesn’t have to be a traditional gift, purchased at a store and wrapped in paper. You can use this $20 absolutely any way you want – be creative! Maybe you know someone struggling with debt who can’t afford a lot this season – buy an extra present for their kids… Maybe you see a homeless man on the same corner every day on your way home – use this to pick up and deliver him a warm meal… Explain the mission to your children and work with them on little $5 or $10 gifts – see what they come up with… The possibilities are endless. Just use your imagination, be creative, and spend a little extra time looking for ways to do something truly unexpected and touching for someone in your world.

  • If you have any social media channels or blogs, please share this project! Just link to this page you’re on right now – it’s all open to the public!

  • If you want to contribute funds so even more people can participate in next month’s mission, send an email to “j [at] rockstarfinance.com.” He’ll get you set up.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


P.S. These cards are only good in the United States for right now - sorry to our international friends! (But of course you can use your own money to go do some good and then come back here to share with us anyway :wink: )

UPDATE: We’re all out of cards! Check out this forum thread over the month to watch what people have done with their Giving Cards!!

DOUBLE UPDATE: We’ll be doing this every month going forward! If you’d like to get involved, everything you need to know is on this page: http://rockstarfinance.com/rcf-one-pager/

We have $500 to DO GOOD this month! How should we use it?


Awesome! This is a super idea and one that I think will make a big difference to each recipient…even if just to make their lives better for a day. I will email J to add to the fund and I will also purchase a $20 gift card for my street buddy. I’ll report back with the story. :slight_smile: I can’t wait to hear the impact from others!!

Side note - About 6 months ago my BF and I went to Dollar Tree to grab a couple items. There was a man at the front of the checkout line talking to the lady as she rang people up. I wasn’t really paying attention until we were next up. The lady looked over to him and he said “theirs too” as she looked to us and started checking us out. When it came time to pay she nodded towards him and said the man was taking care of it. There had to of been at least 5 people before us and God knows how many after us that e paid for. Some orders were small like ours, and others were over 20 items. As we grabbed out items to leave, I thanked him for his kindness and he winked at me in return. My cynical BF was in shock…all he kept saying was why would somebody do that? Why would a man who looked way worst off than us choose to purchase random items for strangers he had never met…why? My BFs reaction is exactly the one I want to change in the world. Though he knows some of the things I do for strangers, he has never himself been the recipient to a random act of kindness. My mission here is two fold - #1 to shock even the most cynical of person but #2 also to change them into a person who doesn’t ask why, but a person that says why not. Why wouldn’t that nice man be generous to a stranger? And why shouldn’t I do the same for another?


Wow. With your statement #2 you’ve already realized the secret behind this entire project, and all those like it: As we slowly begin to choose to walk through this life with an eye toward helping those in our communities who need it - even in small ways - and though we may do wonderful things for others as we go, ultimately it is not them that we change, but ourselves. And you cannot put a monetary value to that. The most important life changed will always be our own.

First comment on the first project, and you nailed it. Couldn’t have asked for anything better. I like you. :slight_smile:


Love this! Question – is the goal to help one person using $20? Or could it be multiple? (For example, I bought a homeless guy a sandwich for Thanksgiving that cost $5). Or whatever we want?

I’ll use my own $20 to pay it forward and will report back. Glad you are giving out the gift cards to get some holiday cheer and goodness in the world.


Smiling so hard over here already @MissMazuma @deardebt :slight_smile: Thanks for jumping in so fast!

And yes! Help as many people as you want with it! No rules at all there, whatever makes the most sense with the idea you have in mind :slight_smile:


“No Rules”, EXACTLY why this idea will CRUSH IT! Turn loose the creativity and financial knowledge of this group, and enjoy the impact. I can’t wait to see what happens.

Quick question @Nate - for those of us contributing, how do you want us to send in our donations?


“No rules” is how we like to operate - we’re always big on making a difference that’s meaningful to YOU (although we really want to hear about it once you do!)

@J.Money will reach out to you today about the contribution, thank you! Excited to see what you come up with as well if you choose to do it… :slight_smile:


I’m in! I hope to make a difference and provide hope for someone in need. I’ll report back with my story ASAP.


Excited to see it!


Signed up, and I’ve got an idea.

Such a cool concept.



I would love to share this with one of the men who hands out papers in front of the local coffee shop. He is there every day from 6am-10am (even in the cold Chicago winters!) with a smile on his face and a great attitude!


I know those guys from my years working in Chicago (I’m back in Milwaukee now)! Looking forward to seeing how you do it . . . take a pic or something too :slight_smile:


Show him the love, @FlyinTeacher. Make it Great! Looking forward to the story!


I was selected for this and my gift card is on its way. I’m already pretty sure who I’m going to give it to, and it makes me happy to know that it will make her holiday brighter. Thanks so much @J.Money - it feels so good to do good.



Is what’s it’s all about.


Grab a pic and a story for us as well! Excited to see who/how you’re going to help :slight_smile:


Sooooooooo excited to watch all the stories come back and see what people did!

When I left the house yesterday, I kept looking around for opportunities on how to use the $20 myself :slight_smile: Just the fact that I’m looking for people to help was an interesting mind shift as usually you stumble across people through chance meetings. So I’m enjoying it already - and I haven’t even used the $20 yet!


This makes my face happy. I’m in. Let’s go spread some joy! Tis the season…


Always happy to have you on board with anything we do, Dani!