Success! First Personal Finance Workshop for Youths was Held!


I did an 8 week course (12 hours total) for a couple of kids last year, and I’d certainly agree the audience can be tough!
How long was the workshop? What do you wish you had covered or covered better?


Love this! I want in. It would be great to get these workshops kicked off locally.


Just FYI, I moved this thread under the Rockstar Community Fund category, since that’s where the project came from (and will live going forward if we can keep it up!)


Great, thanks!


Great! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Wow, 8 weeks and 12 hours… that’s awesome!!! @SawyerPF, would you be willing to email me your curriculum/syllabus?

My workshop was 90 minutes. I’m considering offering follow up sessions for more specific topics that I can touch on for the kids that want to focus on a particular area. For now, I can see having spin off classes for real estate investing & entrepreneurship. Kind of like a fellowship, cohort style, where they can engage in projects, start side hustles, write business plans and learn about corporate social responsibility.


Love this!! So awesome.


Thanks! One of the biggest thing I wanted to stress also was staying out of bad debt! :slight_smile:


Sure, I can send it to you; it’s basically just an outline though.

I think if I do it again, I’d do a single longer session; with multiple sessions I was always afraid someone would miss one.

Where did you do yours? Venue is an issue for me.


Got your outline! Good stuff. A lot of new good ideas for me. Yeah, I think one session is good for what I was trying to achieve. The next one will probably be 2 hours because there are some activities I forgot to do. I’m not sure if I can convince them to come for 3-4 hours… maybe though.

However, like I said, I’m interested in then holding ‘spin-off’ classes that will be deeper dive into specific topics.

Venue was last minute, so I reserved a room at a library. The location was the only negative feedback I got. I have some contacts for business owners and non-profits who might be able to loan me some space.


LOVE this. Kudos!


Thanks, @whdwight ! I just went to your website and looks like you have an interesting product to help teach kids about money.


Thanks for checking out the site. Yes, I’ve been dedicated full time to the mission for the last 10 years :slight_smile:


This is such an inspiration! Awesome job! I am also enjoying reading all the comments and team work on spreading the Mo Money love. Kids are a tough audience for sure… so extra kudos for reaching them. :wink:


I love that phrase… “spreading the Mo Money love”!

And, yes, big things can happen when you have great team collaboration!


What a great idea! Amazing work!


Just wanted to give an update on how the kids used the money to practice generosity, kindness and sharing!

  • the 15 y/o boy bought a person a meal

  • the 18 y/o girl paid for a friend’s school dance ticket

  • the 17 y/o old boy gave half of the $20 to his brother


What a great update!


That was a very useful information thanks for sharing this.


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