Success! First Personal Finance Workshop for Youths was Held!


Last weekend, I held my first workshop to teach personal finance to high school kids. This was sponsored as a test project by the Rockstar Community Fund.

The program is called “The School of Rock Your Money: Mo Money, No Problems!” When I met with the kids, I explained that what Biggie meant when he said “Mo Money, Mo Problems”, was probably more about being thrown into stardom. But for the average person, more money means less problems and more freedom. The group got it right away and they LOVED the reference to Biggie…… That was J. Money’s idea… so thanks for that recommendation, Jay! You caught their attention!

We discussed topics such as residual income, entrepreneurship, real estate investing, calculating net worth, giving back, setting goals, making money while making meaning, etc…

Each kid was given $20 to attend, but they have to then give $10 to a good cause and report back.

At the end, I gave them each an extra dollar for money art ‘inspiration’ and I had them write thank you letters to @Nate and @J.Money while providing testimonials. I’ve attached pictures.

At the end, they said that they would recommend it to their friends and here is some of the feedback that they gave me:

•Activities were fun

•$$ Incentive

•Thinking outside the box concepts

•Our generation needs more of this

•Positive vibes

•It was a lot of fun

•Time went by fast

•Learned new facts that we didn’t know: assets, liabilities, net worth


AWESOME!! Great idea and I am so glad it worked out!! Love the thank you notes - that seems to be a nicety that has gone by the wayside in recent years. I can’t wait to here what they do with the money they give away. Keep us posted!! :slight_smile:


I’ll definitely keep you posted when I hear back from them!


Great job! Glad to hear that it went well. Agree with MissMazuma on the thank you notes… nice touch. Keep us posted!


Woo-hoo! Well done. So nice to see kids getting this info early.


Thanks, SRGO! I’ll definitely keep you posted!


I know! I wish I had something like this when I was their age. :slight_smile:


This is so cool! I love working with high schoolers too. They are probably the toughest audience we’ll ever have but they have so much time to get it right. Thank you for sharing!


Honestly, I’m surprised that today’s high schoolers even know who Biggie was, and that they got the reference!
Kudos to you all!


So so proud of you, @PrimalProsperity. I still can’t get over all of this :slight_smile:


Seriously AMAZING. I would love to sponsor something like this for the youth at my church. Learning about money is life changing for kids (and adults too!).


Thanks, @J.Money for providing the inspiration to get this going!


Yes, I think a church group is a great place to do this! I also want to help adults.


They may or may not have known exactly who he was, but I think they got the Mo Money part. :slight_smile:


You are so right… I was actually really nervous when they first showed up, because I could tell that they were skeptical and that I had to prove myself. By the end though, they were gushing over it and had a ton of fun! The cash didn’t hurt either… haha. :slight_smile:

It was really rewarding though. I’ve done a lot of challenging things in my life, but I think making learning fun is at the top of that list. I give full time teachers a lot of credit… they have a tough job!


That’s really cool. Keep it up!


Thanks, I will! Installment #2 coming soon. :slight_smile:


@PrimalProsperity and @J.Money, this is SO fantastic.

Can’t wait to hear more about this initiative! It’s been a big “maybe/someday goal” for us to help young people master this stuff early! Super props to you! :raised_hands:


Amazing. Thanks for sharing the details and kid reactions. I love it!


Smiling from ear to ear. Truly Awesome!!! Amazing to see the “impact of a touch”!