Start throwing dates/Ideas out for a North Stars Meetup


Heading to the park momentarily. Wearing a green / blue flannel, carrying a propane grill and a bag of goodies.


I’m here and totally regret not bringing a big cut out of @J.Money

I’m in a green tmmnt shirt and a tan jacket with light grey hood


It was great to see many of the Midwest bloggers here in MN, If anyone want or needs to get a hold of me, please email me directly, edrenckh at or use my contact form.


Great to see everybody this evening! Double props to the ladies who drove up from Iowa to bask in the glory of the North Star state.



I second that! So nice to meet everyone. I had a blast :beers:


It was great to meet so many other people with similar financial goals. I can conclusively say I won’t be starting a blog any time soon though!


You can bring me to Fincon :slight_smile:


Definitely a good time meeting everyone - and thanks to @PoF for buying us all a round and bringing the home brew! Looking forward to doing it again sometime soon!


+1! It was awesome getting to meet everyone in person! Thanks for the rounds and walk to the hotel, @PoF! Happy to spend a day in the glorious state of MN. :wink:


Lol sooooo… when do we want to meet again?


@Gwen I checked LinkedIn ​today and had a message from an old coworker who said he thought he saw a picture of me with a group of personal finance bloggers he follows on Twitter.


Yeah he pinged me on Twitter to double check. Small world!! :joy:

Hi there! Blogger pursuing a fun, frugal, and eco-friendly lifestyle on my way to FIRE

I totally forget he had a blog about P2P lending


At the risk of being a bit of a necromancer, I wanted to add my name onto this list for future meetups!


I’m hosting a bbq for like-minded individuals (entrepreneurs, high achievers, bloggers, etc) next Saturday, I live in Minneapolis. So far the crowd is mostly people in their 20s.

I’ve invited a few pf bloggers - let me know if you’d like more info.


Have a good time! I’d join but I’m getting married next weekend!


If it is open to a few older FI people, I may come… NoNonsenseLandlord


Sent you a pm


Excuses, excuses… Haha - Congrats, man!! :slight_smile:


My brother is getting married next weekend as well - otherwise i’d jump in. Have fun!