Start throwing dates/Ideas out for a North Stars Meetup


Dangerous Man is my favorite one down there - plus Anchor Fish and Chips is a block away.


I’d like to suggest a Light Rail brewery crawl of some sort. There are at least a dozen within easy walking distance of a stop, as outlined here. Hopefully it will be nice enough out that we could start at a park – I can bring a growler or 2 of homebrew to start us off.

What are we thinking time-wise? Maybe we meet mid-to-late afternoon at a park, grill some food, and hit the light rail after?



I’m not a big fish guy, or a restaurant guy, but I ordered fish once there… and man, I still think about how good that plate was.


I like it… a lot


Easily the best I have ever had!!!


Good idea, @PoF! I’ll bring a growler or two from the southwest brew pubs and I can bring some venison to grill. Not sure if everyone likes venison??


Anchor is 1 of 3 places I’ll order fish from

Otherwise I don’t eat it.


You’ll all have to let us know the closest place to stay…It sounds like a fun plan!!! :slight_smile:


3 good options for hotels near the light rail line. Downtown Mpls, Downtown St. Paul, or Mall of America / Bloomington. Also, you can check out AirBnB. @FinancialPanther rents out one of his bedrooms.


Thanks @PoF! You’re the best. :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! Minneapolite here, would love to join the party as well. I’m available 4/29 as well.


I’m open to suggestions, but how about meeting up at the Central Mississippi Riverfront Regional Park at 4 pm 4/29?

It’s got grills, easily accessible by light rail (a few blocks off), bike path, or car.

If anyone who actually lives in the Twin Cities has a better idea, please chime in.



I’ll bring some yard games like a frisbee and a glove. Anyone have bocce ball?!


Dang, I’m bummed I’m going to miss this! If only I wasn’t getting married this month!


I have bocce ball, @Gwen!

That location sounds perfect, @PoF… That is a beautiful area and we can stop at Day Block Brewing for our first stop :slight_smile:


yasssssssss bocce ball is the best.

I realized I double booked myself for the weekend, but my sister was happy to take my ticket to the Cardinals game and go in my stead. So now I will be there for sure!


I too, am in the Twin Cities (Woodbury) - would have loved to join the meet up, but we are already booked on 4/29.
Look forward to catching up with people anther time!


FYI… booked a hotel today via Hotwire for $61 total - Aloft Minneapolis. It’s a block from our starting point. If anyone else is not local, it looks like a great deal.


This is getting some traction on /r/financialindpendence. How will people find us in the park? Should we all wear some color of shirt? Have a sign? Force people to go to random groups and ask if they’ve heard of our lord and savior Mr. Money Mustache?


If we’re going with a consistent color, how about Green – the Color of $ and the North Stars.