Start throwing dates/Ideas out for a North Stars Meetup


Thinking we do a weekend meet-up up in the good ol’ Twin Cities sometime after the snow melts and is permanently gone.

@PoF thought a brewery tour/Personal Finance meet-up would be a good time and I 100% agree

My schedule is going to be a little hectic until at least end of April (baby…) so lets start there and throw out some dates until we figure out one that works

readdddddddy go @CentsiblyRich @Gwen @FinancialPanther @PoF @WealthWellDone - I don’t remember everyone who is in this club, someone help me tag please!


Hmmm… I’m on call the first and third weekends in May, and have plans Memorial Day weekend. The only weekend left is Mother’s Day / fishing opener.

Looks like the last two weekends in April are fair game, though. Maybe June?


I’m in, and we’re usually around the metro area on the weekends. However, leech lake and my friends cabin and sauna usually call me up north for walleye opener in May. April would work great for me. Once summer gets here, we’re hit and miss on the weekends as we’re up at the family cabin near St Cloud all summer. However, we could probably come back early on Saturday for this.

I’m just throwing this out there too, but I’m usually around Substance church in the north metro on Sunday evenings. It’s a pretty cool scene if anyone wants to come out and check it out. I’d be happy to show you around and introduce you to some good people.


Anything before June would probably work for me. have baby 2 due at the end of june


Thanks for throwing it out there, @ApathyEnds! :slight_smile: I have every weekend in May open except Memorial weekend. So far, June would work too. Would love to meet everyone irl!!!


Are you a twin cities lady @CentsiblyRich ? Cool. I didn’t know that!


@CentsiblyRich and I are close enough to count, but we’re actually Iowans crashing the party!

I have basically every weekend open between now and September (minus some in Feb and early March), so I will be happy to come up to the land of lakes anytime! Just let me know :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting me know about this group, @Gwen! I’m pretty open on weekends and I really like the brew pub Meetup idea. Sounds like sometime end of April would work well? Should we lock in on 4/22 or 4/29?


If the date works, I might make the journey north too.


April 22nd to Memorial weekend I think works for us. @ApathyEnds If you want to have coffee sometime and chat about a plan to make this work, so not all of the scheduling leadership is on you, I’d be happy to meet up with you. Just throwing that out there.


We forgot @MyMoneyWizard. Pretty sure he’s a transplant, but he wrote about the cost of living on a houseboat, so I’d say he’s acclimated.

4/29 weekend might be the best opportunity. Think you can swing it, @ApathyEnds? The baby should be sleeping through the night by then. :new_moon_with_face:


Sorry - Out of town for 4 days way up north for a fishing weekend/Bach party and am just recovering. I think I can make April 29th work.


April 29th sounds good to us.


I’m in for the 29th of April!


4/29 works for me. More importantly, which brewery/breweries do we want to meet at?

Personally, I’m a fan of the NE area: Dangerous Man, Fairstate Brewing, Indeed Brewery, etc… Thoughts?


@CentsiblyRich April 29th seems to be the date that works best for everyone. You in!?


At this point, I’m in! That could change, but I’ll put it on the calendar and hope for the best! :slight_smile:


I’m just monitoring this conversation with a smile. I think I’ll stay in my hobbit hole up here, but I know that @MissMazuma is a North Star travelpants :wink:


I’m gonna be in Puerto Rico for my honeymoon on April 29th, so won’t be able to meet up then. We travel hacked our way there!


Thanks for including me…I’m definitely putting this on my calendar to see if I can get an overnight there. And now that the weather is better you best be expecting me in MKE soon. I’ll keep you posted!