So what do you consider the most annoying debt?


Anything with a variable rate. There is nothing worse that watching your monthly payment requirement increase over time.


For me, the most annoying debt has been debt acquired through marriage.

I worked very hard to avoid debt my whole life. No student loans. Never had a car loan. Used credit cards for rewards but never paid a penny in interest. Only real debt is a mortgage on a rental property so it pays me.

But then the person I chose to be with had 50k in student loans and 15k in credit card debt.

The sad thing is that’s not even that bad and I fully expected anyone I met would have a decent chunk of debt. Such is the world we live in…


Student loans. I don’t personally have them but many friends do. All that’s left for me is a mortgage, which I consider pretty annoying. Aggressively paying it off!


My student loan is the bane of my existence. The interest is low, but I’m just over it.


The mortgage has definitely been the most challenging. With our student loans and car notes we were paying off something every few months (we had about eight different student loans). The mortgage is just one big massive blob of a payment. Plus there is so much contradictory information on whether you should or should not pay off the mortgage, which is a distraction.


I think really high interest debt is annoying because it multiplies into a monster even if you start with a low balance. It just keeps getting out of hand