So what do you consider the most annoying debt?


Car loan for me. It sucks to send off a check for a depreciating asset.
I never had credit card debt or student loan…


Mystery debt. I once cancelled car insurance, got confirmation of the cancellation, then found out that they reactivated my account after getting a collection notice… and then promptly went nuclear.




My mother-in-law, she is one hell of a liability!


Student loan debt!!! Grrrrr… I am annoyed about the whole system. In how many OTHER situations would they allow an 18 year ten’s of thousands of dollars worth of debt??? Yes, I know I signed the dotted line, but at that point I was 18 and just accepted to the college I wanted to go to. If I knew then what I know now, I would of done a bridge program. 2 years at a community college then 2 years at the universtiy- worked to pay while building savings towards the last 2 years.




I feel the same way!! I would kill to go back in time and pick the 2 year community college option over 4 years in an expensive private university. ‘Paying’ for it now, that’s for sure.


LOL now that’s funny!


I can definitely relate!! Lol


I got into the online personal finance blogosphere shortly after I bought a brand new car. Boy do I wish I could go back and tell myself, “Don’t do it! Find yourself that diamond in the rough, buy a beater, ride a bike, do anything but buy a new car!”


I like the “anti-budget”…then if you want a new car, no big deal! Just SAVE first :slight_smile:


Haha I like the people who say “any debt” is annoying - totally agreed! Credit card debt was annoying for me, but I’d have to say student loan debt is the most annoying. I have a lot of friends who live abroad (i.e. they were born in other countries and live there) and all of them had their college educations completely paid for by their governments, because other countries actually believe in an educated population (regardless of how rich your parents are).

Just my $.02! :slight_smile:


Anti-budget, that’s a new concept for me. Can you explain more? Feel free to take DM me about it.


Every kind of debt is annoying. But the “stupidest” I had to deal with was buying a laptop in installments… Yep, I just had to have it, so I ended up in debt to get it, paid almost double its actual value and, when I was done paying the installments, it - of course - devalued.


High balance, low interest.
Why? Because you’ll be paying it forever and will keep telling yourself it’s ok because the interest is low. It will grate on your psyche the whole time.


Lol, that’s a fantastic visual!


Probably what the Pillsbury Dough Boy feels like. LOL


Hands down. Credit Card debt. Had almost none for a while, then racked some up again. It’s all about to go away, though.


In general, credit card debt. We don’t and won’t have any, but the fees would drive me nuts.

Personally, car loans. We took out a small one we are paying rapidly, but I’d rather just save up and pay cash. It’s frustrating to be paying interest on a depreciating object.


Debt where you have nothing to show for it.

Car loans? At least you have a car. Mortgage? You sleep in what it bought every night.

People with credit card debt often have no idea how they got there. Or if you got a car repossessed or a house foreclosed, but still somehow owe the debt (typically because they sold the house or car for less than what you owe and expect you to somehow pay the difference). It’s like you owe someone money for nothing.

Thankfully I don’t have this kind of debt.

The second most annoying debt is debt because you overpaid something. Rent-to-own places are notorious for this. New car dealerships are too, but I don’t think it’s as bad as rent-to-own. And student loans - it’s so easy to take out more than you need because there is no verification that you’re spending it on eligible items.

Unfortunately, I did take out too much in student loans. I did at one point have a new car loan, but that’s been paid for almost six years now.