So what do you consider the most annoying debt?


Myself…it would have to be credit card debt! Thank God I don’t have any!


The most annoying debt (which I got rid of more than 20 years ago) was a credit card that had been canceled. I’d run up the debt with expensive car repairs and impulse purchases in grad school. Runner-up was the student loans I’d taken out in grad school so that I could do research (which I didn’t really do that much of…totally could have worked instead.)

In short, it was all stuff I could have avoided with smarter budgeting and a little more effort, and they both took years to payoff. I’ve had debt since (cars, mortgages, student loans for an MBA) but at least I got tangible, useful stuff from those. Those early grad school debts sucked to pay back.


Thank you Emily for sharing. Unfortunately, the debt we occurred when we were younger (now) we know is extremely annoying. Back then we didn’t realize what in the hell we were doing. Thank God we finally matured and can see it for what it really is! DEBT AND WEALTH KILLERS!!! Any way, now we are older and more wise! We can control the DEBT that comes into our lives and treat it accordingly. If only we knew then what we know now! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Definitely credit card debt! So annoying!! You’re not supposed to be paying for a vacation you took two years ago and yet, here I am doing it! :cry::rage:


My student loans drive me crazy…low interest so I am not too eager to get rid of it which drives me even crazier.


Payday loans. Annoying is not adequate. Evil is more fitting. As in actually evil. Devised by evil people to perpetuate a cycle of poverty among low-income and desperate people.

Also credit cards.


Student loans for sure, it feels like another mortgage, but you can’t deduct the interest.


Mortgage - just hard to fathom that I’ll pay for something for the next 30 years.

Which is why we’re still trying to pay a bit more every month. Still though, it is annoying and takes forever to pay off… but we gotta live somewhere (in our area, renting costs so much more than buying a place, so we opted to buy)


I hate, like with a passion, car debt. For some reason, it is ingrained in my head that car loans are the worst. Even moreso than higher interest rate debt like credit cards. When I bought my last car, I had to take out a loan. It grated on me more than just about anything else I have had, including back when I was carrying balances on my credit cards and had tax debt. Weird mental thing here. Hopefully though, it will keep me out of future car loan debt!


Mine would definitely be Student Loans. I don’t know if its because they’re the longest standing debt I’ve had, or because I’ve never had bad credit card debt, but it certainly causes some pain every month when I have to fork over a small mortgage payment.


Credit card debt for me too. I made a $350 credit card mistake that still pains me to this day. Car loans are #2 on my list. #3 is any loans that I made to other people that have yet to be returned to me in the promised time frame.


This doesn’t make student loans any less annoying, but you are allowed to deduct up to $2,500 in student loan interest per year! However, this gets phased out once your MAGI is above $65k and is phased out completely once your MAGI is above $80k per year ($130k -> $160k if married filing jointly).


True, though when I finished training I had over $400k in student loans and started making over $200k so never got to deduct the interest. I’m certainly not complaining, I’m doing fine, but it’s definitely annoying to pay that much interest without a tax break.


Agreed! Most folks who would be able to take advantage of the full $2,500 deduction are likely above the income threshold (like yourself). I believe the largest deduction I ever was able to make was around $800 (better than a stick in the eye!). That was short-lived because the next year I was over the threshold as well. My Fiance is in a similar position as yourself as a Clinical Pharmacist, although we are keeping our fingers crossed that PSLF will still be around for her to take advantage of (or that she will be grandfathered in)!


At least you got to deduct something! Hopefully the PSLF works out for your fiance. I went into private practice immediately so it was never an option for me. The pharmacists I work with seem really happy with their career choice, it’s a good field.


Any debt :triumph:


That was definitely the case for me. Any time I owed another person or entity something, it royally sucked. The mortgage was probably the MOST annoying, though. Such a huge drain out of my pocketbook every month.


I agree Steve. ANY debt is extremely annoying! I have to give you props though. You are extremely INSPIRING with the way you live and your FI. I can only hope to live comfortably in retirement since it took me so long to “grow up”… I’m 52 and just now learning this stuff but I’m diligent and determined to make my golden years as comfortable as I can. Thanks for all you do for us " newbies" and never stop inspiring us. You and your success is what keeps us going day to day! In my book…YOU ARE THE MAN! I just hope I can achieve 1/4 of what you have. I love your blog and your personality. I truly hope you never stop being humble and keep us less fortunate ones on your radar. We can learn so much ftom you. Continued success my friend! Also I want to thank you for all the help you gave me when I first joined Rockstar Finance. J Money advised me to start a blog and join Rockstar Finance, so I did. (I absolutely LOVE J Money and he’s helped me a TON!) Anyway…it was a rocky start learning all the forum rules but YOU were ALWAYS there to guide me and help me. You and Amy. Thank you so much for being cool and not being a DICK! Keep on helping us with our finances and our lives because WE NEED PEOPLE LIKE YOU!

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Extremely good field! Continued success!


IKR!!!?? Any debt sucks! Credit card debt really sucks!