Side Hustles?


Inspired by tonight’s #TomorrowTalk on Twitter (would love to have you join us!) do you have a side hustle? What do you do, what do you make, and how do you use the money to further your financial goals?
In addition to my 9-5 in digital marketing, I run a blog/business focused on money and career for ambitious millennial women (speaking, coaching, etc. stems from this!)


I blog, it has mad money but not a profit

I have a hobby farm that makes us about 3 to 4k a year. Profit in the tax return

It’s probably worth another 2 to 3k a year in indirect benefits, prop tax reduction, being able to deduct certain mixed-use assets, (tractor, skid steer, excavator, ATVs)

Then there is the food cost reduction we raise meat chickens, sell some off, to recoup costs, and fill our freezer for free.

We could make on the chicks, buy are organic, and chickens waste lots of feed. So we’re happy to just break even with with a years worth of meat.


Any reason why you don’t do digital marketing on the side? That seems to be a really popular and profitable side hustle I keep reading about.

Personally I sell stuff on Amazon that I import from China (private labeling) and I have 3 affiliate websites that earn money through Amazon. I post an income report every month, here’s the most recent one.

I’m in the process of selling my Amazon business right now on Empire Flippers, hoping to exit it soon and focus all my free time on my websites :slight_smile:


You talking to me @jimAFI? I don’t know anything about digital marketing?

Hell, six month ago I didn’t know what a side hustle was. I didn’t know what FIRE was.

I just knew i didn’t want to work forever, zombies might be real (you never know) and its a lot easier to produce your own food and energy, than it is to save the capital to generate the income to buy food or energy.

Pre Solar my electric/oil ran maybe 5k a year. So depending on your confidence in the 4 percent rule you need over 100k to to make 5k. Oh and let’s not forget if you make or create a gain uncle sugar wants his cut, so really you gotta make 6 to pay 5.

40k in solar boom, suck it uncle sugar I’m energy independent and you know what? 100 degrees out side, nuts to that I’m rock 68 degree up in this joint guilt free.


There are plenty of side hustles. We blog, but will also use sites like Swagbucks, ebates ,Ibotta, and other avenues to create some extra income. There are plenty of ways to earn online. Here is a link to our Side Hustle Income article to help you get some ideas. It also has sign-up links if you want to give them a shot!


Hey there— I have a blog post coming up soon on this.

For us, I’m an engineer and my wife is a physician — so our side hustles have been a little different:

  1. research assistant (~$9k a year)
  2. college course instructor (~$6k per class, right now just one class a year)
  3. crypto mining (-$2k. Going to sell off parts)
  4. blogging ($0 as of this writing)


I flip things on ebay, generally whatever I find at garage sales or craigslist that i feel can make a profit.

I also just started a blog, where i share sales tips / book reviews - but that is in its infancy right now.


I’m big on online side hustles that you can work on anywhere. I love the digital economy.


Here’s the post I’ve written about my side hustle working for a minor league baseball team: