Show Me Your Sankey? Another blogger chain has begun


Mine were rounded since 2017 is not over…

Like @Mr.JumpStart could just do percentages too, though it will be a bit more difficult with several layers. It would take some more explaining to the audience…


I love these! My wife finally can read and understand what we are doing. My budget that lays it all out month by month and sums up throughout the year is a bit much to digest, but the visual makes it so much easier!


Such a cool tool. We just did ours. We actually did 2, one for our current situation, and one for 2020 once the mortgage is paid off :-). It’s nice and motivating being able to visualize the future :slight_smile: .

I have added all the links (@Mr.JumpStart, @jdroth, @BiglawInvestor, @atypicallife ), except for @MilitaryDollar . It seems the blog is currently down?

If you could all add my link please. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Here’s mine :slight_smile:


Links updated.


I didn’t make a separate post for it but I did use one in my latest expense report! I also added the group to my post.


Finally got around to using this awesome little tool. Broke down my expenses for this year in a new post:

I linked to this Rockstar finance post at the end since I figured it was the easiest way to keep the chain updated.

Here’s the Sankey itself


yes!! I love making finances fun. Off to play with this new tool.


I’m playing with this now. How do you get it to break down into the larger categories like fixed expenses and discretionary? Thanks for the help.


I couldn’t figure out how to create larger categories so it’s a little busy. Quite surprised at how much post tax income I’d saved.

I also included it in my last post about my alternative to budgeting (before I followed a budget). I made sure to tag everyone at the end. Would love to be part of the chain if possible.


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