Show Me Your Sankey? Another blogger chain has begun


This is very, very cool. Great to have @jdroth back writing at Get Rich Slowly and cranking out his typical EXCELLENT content. He won a Rockstar Award today from @J.Money @caitflanders @Steve for good reason.

I’d never heard of a Sankey Diagram before, but would bet a paycheck that these things will catch on. Check out the link in the post, amazingly easy to create your own Sankey.

Anyone up for putting their’s together??



Oh snap!! I am all over that! Thanks for putting this on my radar Fritz.


I have only seen this a couple of days ago at @OthalaFehu’s blog. It is an amazing tool, just did not have time yet to play with it.


Love this visual aid. Here’s mine. Only took about 10 minutes to create.


Oh man - this is way cool. I’m afraid to do mine though. There are funds going in from day job and properties. There are also 50+ places funds go out every month thanks to rental properties and General life expense.


It goes pretty quick, if you don’t take it too seriously. I could go in and tweak the sankey for a long time, but I must put it down.


Yeah this is ALLLL over the internet all of a sudden… had to show it some love and prove we’re on top of the trends over here, haha…

Excellent idea to make it into the latest blogger chain! I think there needs to be a new one at least every quarter :slight_smile:


I’d love to participate in a blogger chain. I could produce a more polished Sankey and post describing it by Monday.


If you jump on it early next week, you’ll be “The Anchor” @Mr.JumpStart! Are you up for keeping the chain updated here on the Forum, as well as in your “Anchor” post? Give it a go, this would be a fun chain!!


Sound good. I’ll publish Tuesday.


Here is a quick and dirty one for me. I don’t have all my data with me, but made the Excel sheet to produce the Sankey quickly when I get home.

This is too cool. I will definitely be in the chain gang on it. @Mr.JumpStart Let’s get this ball rolling!


What good timing Fritz! I had no idea. My post using a Sankey Diagram went live today.


I just published the post, with the following order.
Anchor: JumpStartfromScratch

  1. Othelafehu
  2. J.D. Roth at Get Rich Slowly
  3. Biglaw Investor


I’m in! Thanks guys.

Anchor: JumpStartfromScratch
Link 1: Othelafehu
Link 2: J.D. Roth at Get Rich Slowly
Link 3: Biglaw Investor
Link 4: Atypical Life


updated @atypicallife


I published this back in September - do I count for the chain?


Just added @MilitaryDollar at #5.




Neat you guys! Are the exact numbers mandatory? (Just wonderin’ for my husband who tends to be more discrete :grin:)


Easy to sub in percentages.