Should you buy a house with Cash?


Hi people!

Marcel here. I’m new to Rockstar Forums!

I created an article on whether you should buy a house with cash! Check the infographic below:

What do you guys think of it? Let me know your feedback!

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Hope to hear from all of you!


It’s a very attractive-looking infographic. Did you design it yourself, and did you use any resources to make it?


I hired someone on Fiverr to create it. I summarized the points from my article. Are you interested in making something like it? I could PM you the details of the team that made it.


Nice write up! I’m looking into rental properties and this was informative - keep up the good content.


Overall, I like it. The infographic is a really nice touch.

I disagree with one point regarding the rental portion of the “all-cash” section. The yield looks attractive because a cash purchase exchanges the amortization benefit for immediate cash flow. I would rate this as a negative as purchasing a rental with cash can mask deficiencies with the actual rental yield where amortization is often not otherwise calculated as part of the yield. If the yield is not attractive when 100% financed, the property should not be a rental. Cash on cash and IRR are lower buying the same property cash than financing. That said, I’m all for purchasing rentals with cash, but I would then immediately refinance them.

One benefit that was not mentioned to having a mortgage, particularly in a properly established and managed LLC (consult your attorney), is that encumbering properties is a wealth preservation technique that limits loss and generally makes you a smaller target for frivolous lawsuits.


I’ve tried to visit this infographic and your site several time over the last couple of days. I always get an error:

This site can’t be reached unexpectedly closed the connection.

Using Chrome on Windows 10. Might want to investigate…?