Should I FIRE?


Hello Rockstar forums,

I have thoroughly enjoy reading your articles and it has become a part of everyday life for me. The fire movement is intriguing for me and sounds amazing. As I start planning my journey out I keep running into one or several large issues. How much am I willing to give up… Currently I am in a position that will allow me to save fifty percent of my income, that is huge for me. Although to do this I need to work overseas, not see friends family or my son any more than once a year, sometimes less. I was able to do this for two years, and it afforded me the ability to put a down payment down on a house and build a portfolio and security for my family. I am no where even close to FIRE but I feel this career field the closest shot I have ever had. So to continue on my path of FI I will not seeing friends and family. Has anyone else encountered something like this? I feel like I have to choice between a secure future or being home and living a normal life with absolutely no chance of retirement sooner than 85.


Can’t tell you what to do, I never meet your family or friends. :wink:

If the only way I could feed my family was to work overseas and not see them, id do what I had to do.

However, if working every day until I die meant I could enjoy my fam, then I would plan on working and make work my jam.

I can’t imagine how this is a real scenario, what line of work would only let you see your kids once a year. Even oil drillers don’t have it that bad.

Why can’t you retire if you stay with your family? Hell, work two jobs if you have too, at least you would have weekends with your family.

Sell your house, downsize and live in a van or tiny house by the river.

I’m gonna be straight up here, bc that’s my way.

Sounds to me you have some mixed up priorities. How much was that down payment you saved?

Sell the house? Invest that equity into a decent investment then rent a place for less than what you paying on that mortgage.

Start a side hustle or second business.

And invest in some marriage counseling and counseling for your kids. They’re going to need it if this is seriously how you’re living your life.

Words cannot begin to descibe how much this post upsets me. I am sad for you and your family and disappointed in the failings of the FIRE community that this ridiculous notion is what you have taken from your reading.


I understand the desire for financial independence, but at the cost of seeing your son once per year or less? Not having a parent around can have a lifelong impact on kids. Not sure why you would trade a life with your family for an early retirement, but only you can make that decision.


I agree with these comments. FIRE isn’t worth losing your family. There’s nothing more important than that. Don’t let the pursuit of FIRE cost you the most important things in life. You’ll end up regretting it. Adjust your lifestyle. Keep your family. @marc2242 is absolutely right. There’s nothing more important than your son having a father to raise him.