Saving is CRUCIAL


Hello everyone!! Welcome to my blog! I’m new on the blogging scene so please bare with me. I promise to get better as time goes by. This blog is designed to help you understand the importance of SAVING MONEY. It’s called SAVING GEORGE as in George Washington is on the dollar bill. Lame? Maybe but I want you to know that just saving a little here and there on a consistent basis beats the crap out of saving nothing at all. Of course we would love to have a savings rate of at least 20% and preferably 50% or more! But let’s face it, a 50-75% savings rate is extremely hard especially if your take home pay barely pays the bills. It really gets discouraging living paycheck to paycheck and barely getting the bills paid, let alone SAVING. I live it myself everyday. But listen up….you CAN save. You can make cuts of non essential things in your life and save the difference. The sooner you begin to save, the sooner you can retire and we all want that, right? This blog will be designed to help you learn ways to save and give you ENCOURAGEMENT. Never say never and begin your savings journey NOW. Truth is, you can’t afford to put it off any longer. Save and invest and let the power of COMPOUNDING work for you! I’m on this journey with you and I’ll be here every step of the way to offer help, guidance, and support. WE WILL BE SUCCESSFUL and we WILL save and invest together! Share your stories and offer your expertise with the other readers! I want this blog to be a place of encouragement to one another and a place to learn how to handle money by making wise decisions. Put each and every dollar in it’s proper place and watch the quality of your life increase! Thank you for reading and always remember…… You CAN save money and live a great quality life at the same time! Thanks for reading.