Save Rockstar Forums to Your Phone's Homescreen


Hi all,

Just wanted to share a quick tip (apologies if it’s been shared before) to save Rockstar Finance Forums to your home screen for faster access!

Very simple steps to do so:

  1. Visit Rockstar Forums in your phone browser (Safari, Firefox, or Safari
  2. Click the options button within that browser (for example in chrome on Android it has a hamburger menu at the top right)
  3. Click add to home screen
  4. Save it :slight_smile:

I find it easier for me to do this then keep a tab open in chrome on my phone, and it has stayed logged in for me so far. Great job on enabling this Rockstar team!

PS: if you’re having trouble finding the add to Homescreen button, a quick Google search on "how to add pages to home screen on " should do the trick for you.

Hope it helps !