Santa & Kids - Ways to teach your kids the spirit of giving


During this time of year I am sure some of you have gotten the question “Is Santa Real?”. There are so many ways to answer (and I hope you will leave some of yours in the comments!) but I saw this on FB today and had to share. I dont know the origin but I thought it was cute for those of you with kids/nieces/nephews who are losing the faith that Santa is real:


What a fantastic idea! I love this.


This is neat!

My girlfriend and I recently had her 6 year old sister (BIG age gap) come to our apartment and do a few chores to earn some money. We told her that the money she earns is to buy toys for kids who might not be getting anything for Christmas this year, and that we would take her to the store so that she could pick out toys using the money she had earned. She ended up choosing two toys - one for a boy and one for a girl. We checked out at the store and immediately put them in a Toys for Tots box.

She never once asked for something for herself! I’d like to think that this not only taught her about giving, but about working for your money and budgeting as well. Who knows though, 6-year-olds can be hard to read sometimes! :sweat_smile:

Side note: Whoever says child labor is cheap is lying.


I love it. We do something similar to explain the Christmas spirit to our kids when the time is right. Santa is not a single entity. There are in fact many Santa’s and anybody can become one. This is how he gets around the world in a single night. This is how he knows what you’ve been up to.

Rather than disappointing the kids with the news that “there is no Santa” we just let them in on the real magical secret that there are in fact MILLIONS of Santa’s. Our kids have all be very eager to help out and ‘keep the secret’.

I have a half written blog post on this exact topic that will probably have until next year before I can get is published. But that’s not odd, I’m a great starter of things, but a terrible finisher. I’ve got a blog post about that too :slight_smile: It’s buried in my 36 started, but not yet completed posts.


Such an awesome post as we head into the Christmas season. Thanks for sharing, @MissMazuma!

I always knew Santa was real, you just proved it. Santa’s the little kid next door, buying slippers for The Witch. Good stuff. Enjoy your weekend, and the holiday season!


Having a 6 year old and twin 4 year olds, I’ve been somewhat dreading the “is Santa real?” discussion. Thank you SO much for sharing this - it’s definitely going to help and most importantly will reinforce values we are trying to instill in our kids.


Such a great idea!! I like the instant turn around and you got to her at such a good young age. Sometimes I feel my BF’s kids are hopeless but once in awhile they surprise me. :wink:


I’ve talked to my children about the variations of Santa around the world. My oldest did not like the idea of someone breaking into our house while he slept so we haven’t ever really made a big deal about Santa. We talk about the Spirit of St. Nicholas a lot at this time of year and how we can be Santa for others.


Uh oh…You know it’s coming!! I’m so interested if you use this method and what the outcome will be. Keep us posted!


Your oldest sounds smart! The idea of a man dressed in a red suit coming down a chimney always seemed a bit strange. :wink:


You too, Cuz! Let me know what Santa brings you!


Haha - I have over 40 started and there is no rhyme or reason to any of them!! Tis the season to get them finished…at least the Santa one! I agree that the idea of Santa has so much magic to it that you hate to see the little ones grow out of it. This is a great way to keep them involved. Thanks for sharing your story!


of course you have an even 40. Little Miss ‘I have to do everything in even numbers from the amount I save each month to the amount of gas I put in my car’ :stuck_out_tongue:


Doh! You made me have to check!! 44…I need another one, stat!


Loved this idea!!! I don’t have any kids yet, but hopefully in the near future, and will keep this in mind!


WHAT??? Santa’s sniff not really real? OMG! I feel… I feel so betrayed…
It seems so long ago, but not so long ago (kids 22 & 18) when the looks from their faces showed they were questioning everything… lol
My oldest is a very giving person and always impresses me with his heart.
The youngest, weeellll, lets just say the cartoon sums it up


That’s so bittersweet!! When you see your little humans growing up and making their own decisions but also losing all the “magic” that comes with youth and ignorant bliss. I don’t have any kids but (a long time ago) I taught Montessori school ages 2-6 and already it was starting!

Having two kids with completely different viewpoints is really interesting. I wonder if one will rub off on the other and vice versa?


Being that they were 4 yrs apart and boys, some days they fought like only brothers can. Other days they’d get along like only brothers can.
The older is more adventurous and wants to make his mark on the world. The younger watches the older and learns from his mistakes. Not so adventurous but definitely more defined in his expectations of life choices. So I’d say the older has rubbed off on the younger.