Rockstar Community Fund Challenge: $20.00 a Month


Just checked into Rockstar Finance and saw that the Rock Star Community has given $7,481 so far.

Hmmmm. There’s 957 members in the Rockstar Forums and 992 Blogs in the directory.

Doing the math, if everybody committed $20 a month, each month the Rockstar Community fund would have $19,140.00 to hand out from the forum members. If all the blogs in the directory would commit $20.00, it would be $19,840 a month.

So, I challenge everybody to commit $20.00 a month to the Rockstar Community Fund, or at least something.

Who’s in with me? It’s easy with PayPal. I set it up to auto draft every month.



I’ll take you up on the offer to set it up. I am in! :blush:


I’ve had a “subscription” pretty much since inception at $20 a month. Challenge met.


I’m in! Took a little longer than expected because my paypal somehow put itself in Hebrew (so not that fluent) but I figured it out - Woo!


Done. I’ve been ‘funding’ it $20 a month since it started in December.


The RCF is wonderful!!!

I made a one time donation of $500, so I’ve met your challenge for at least 2 years. :slight_smile:

More importantly though is they helped collaborate and fund a personal finance workshop for youth. I’d love to see others doing the same. If anyone wants materials, let me know!


Way cool on the one-time donation. Wish I was at the point to do that. Awesome on the Youth Finance Workshop. I’ll have to check it out.


Awesome, Ana! Definitely worthwhile. Thanks for kicking in!


@PoF, @Ana, @PrimalProsperity, @MamaFishSaves: You guys rock! Hope others will kick in, too. It’s a great resource that’s been put together.


Made my heart so happy seeing this this morning, thank you @Shin! The intro excitement has died down quite a bit from launch (as does w/ most projects, eh?) so every little bit helps us indeed :slight_smile:

Here’s the page to sign up to our $20/mo paypal links or any other amounts, subscription-wise or one-time:

It all gets turned around back into the community!


Do y’all have a count on the number of subscribers, and/or contributors as a whole?


I can tally them up by looking at paypal, but we mainly pay attention to the total amounts coming in so we know how much we can then give out vs the # of contributors. And then ofcourse we keep our running totals of those amounts so people can see the effect it has by all coming together :slight_smile: (Even though the REAL effects have nothing to do with $$$ and everything to do with showing others they’re important to us! I can’t tell you the number of times people have said it was the thought alone that brought them so much hope moreso than the $$, which of course also helps. I’d love to be able to quantify all that, haha…)


Oh, we also have this page that highlights all those who have given - it’s a fun juicy one :slight_smile: -->