Retirement accounts for self-employed folks?


Sorry that I missed this @WealthWellDone, but I agree with PoF that whatever decision you make should be part of your overall Investment Policy Statement (I think @pof is doing some branding there calling it an Investor Policy Statement).

If you have enough money (like $100K?) in your retirement account, I’d probably switch out of Target Retirement Funds and manage the fund myself but I’m a do-it-yourself investor. Since the difference in fees is approximately 0.16% (for Target Retirement Fund accounts) or some blend of fees for a do-it-yourself “Admiral” class (let’s call it 0.08%), you can decide whether you want to save $0.80 annually (0.16 - 0.08) per $1,000 invested. Even on a $100K portfolio that’s only 80 bucks.

Be careful about doing some “mental accounting” with your money and taking risks with certain accounts. The truth is that all money that is dedicated for retirement is part of your asset allocation. Things like a “taxable account” and a “retirement account” are just different buckets for holding the assets.


I didn’t realize I was using an alternate term until you called me out. Funny. I should rank high whenever someone searches “Investor Policy Statement,” anyway.

Shouldn’t it be InvestmentS Policy Statement. Who owns just one?


And the @WhiteCoatInvestor uses the term Investing Policy Statement, which also makes more sense to me than “Investment.”




When the balance gets bigger, a small difference in expense ratios can make a huge difference in compounding. Gpod for you. You made the right choice.

I just got rid of almost ever active fund I was paying over 1%/year to passive index funds.


Solo 401k rocks!