Rent v Buying


Edinburgh ha. My great grandfather’s family lived at 1 Seton Place Edinburgh.


Nice House - drove past it yesterday…


I believe home prices will plummet and I still choose to own. Let’s deal with a cold hard fact.

My grandmother just went into nursing home, her house is for sale. My father nor my uncles want the house. Myself nor my cousins need the home we all own homes.

My own parents own two homes, neither of them I have any desire in keeping.

Just in my own sometime over the next 20 years there is aleast 4 homes the family will inherit that no one wants.

Many people I know are in the same boat, I have atleast 200 snow bird clients over the age of 70, that own two homes. One in NY and one in FL.

I doubt any of the children will keep the NY homes and I bet only half will keep the FL properties.


Ann Scheiber was an investor who rented and did fairly well:


Interesting position to be in. I’ll keep owning until I’m about 85, then sell up and rent because I won’t want the responsibility of repairs etc. That’s my plan anyway. Neither of my kids would want my home, so I’ll get rid of it in advance (all being well, and the grim reaper stays away for a year or twoi yet!)