Releasing new features for bloggers, widgets etc


When I joined Rockstar forums 6 months ago I wanted to learn about blogging and everything around it. I am amazed by the helpfulness and support provided by everyone in this community! I have really learned a lot during this time and I have tried my best to contribute by helping others as well.

For those of you who haven´t visited my site it´s not a typical blog. I have a blog, though KINFO is also a platform & app for people to share non-sensitive data about your portfolio, such as performance and allocation in percent. This question gets asked all the time in forums & AMAs etc. and this is a way to both share and view exactly that without showing any dollar amounts.

My idea here is that you share & view what many people would share with friends in real life but using technology and the internet to remove the barriers of location.

Now, I didn´t join to promote the app. The reason is that an unexpected but exciting turn which is the result of hanging out in the Rockstar forum, is that I have developed some features specifically for bloggers.

After some thinking about how I could develop KINFO to provide value to bloggers I identified two areas.

  • Add features for bloggers to get easily discovered and acquire new readers through the app
  • Provide content tools for use on the blog and in posts

Get discovered and acquire readers through the app
As a blogger profile, you get a verified badge on your profile to stand out, bloggers are also promoted in separate lists. When users view a bloggers profile, they can open the blog directly in the app, just like the twitter app.

As my user-base grows my idea here is that users will find new blogs through the app and as a blogger you will aquire new readers. Users benefit from finding portfolios with a blog to read about the background a thoughts around the portfolio. A win-win for both!

Add widgets to your blog
You will also have access to widgets to show off your real-time updated portfolio on the blog. This is all available from within Wordpress as a standard plugin in the public Wordpress directory, no tech skills required.

Showing a real time updated portfolio with a nice looking chart is great way to build trust and include in posts about investing, net worth etc. People love charts and with real-time integration it works with evergreen content as well.

For more detaild info about the blogger features

You can read more about widgets here

I have been building this slowly and controlled over 2 years time and in June i quit my job to give this a real go. I still run this alone so very far from an enterprise, I have no funding and pay for this with my savings and some consultancy work on the side. I can´t afford a lot of paid advertising so I need to find other clever ways to get discovered by providing value to those who influence others.

I run this a bit different from most VC funded startups etc. but most of them die anyway and I don´t have that on my roadmap :slight_smile:

I have got a lot of people to thank but a special thanks to @Dads_Dollars_Debts , @PoF , @Steve , @AmyB , @shnugi for trying it out early on and providing feedback! Thanks @Gruga for your valuable advice! And thanks @J.Money or letting me do this post to get the word out!

Any feedback is greatly appreciated and if you want to try it out I will be here to support you! If you have questions, just shoot!

And if you have suggestions on how I can improve it further to provide value for bloggers, I would be more than happy to listen!

I will be at FinCon as well and look forward to meet all of you who will be there!



Wow what a cool idea and good on you for taking a leap to pursue the challenge of getting this off the ground. Now only if I was an exclusive financial blogger and didn’t run full steam ahead into outdoor sports and photography as the main focus of my site.

I will be checking out the links for sure regardless.