Recovering from Financial Abuse?


I’m on the board of a domestic violence services organization, and they are looking for resources on recovering from financial abuse. We would love to point our clients towards an online course that they can take at their own pace, with small, actionable steps to help them (1) Freeze their credit so their abusers can’t take out more debt in their name, (2) Rehabilitate their credit, (3) Establish their own bank account / credit card, etc.

The organization would be willing to pay for our clients to take the course, so it doesn’t have to be free.


Hit you up in the FinCon FB group. :blush:


Don’t have anything immediately at hand but will keep in mind and send you anything useful I spot.


I don’t know if anything like that, although I think it would be a very valuable resource. Have you thought about reaching out to bloggers who might be interested in creating it for you as a project? For such a good cause I’m sure you could get some interest.

Keep up the good work! If I find something already available I’ll drop you a note here


Hi! Have you explored the Allstate Purple Purse program? I am a tremendous supporter of their work.

They exist to support the financial health of women that have been in abusive relationships. As you are aware from your board work, financial abuse is common in situations that include physical / emotional abuse.

Here is their site -

They have educational assets and programming, and do an amazing job. I would love to hear if you find them helpful. Thank you for what you are doing to support our sisters that have been victims, and now are survivors.