RCF December 2016: An Unexpected Gift


We have another neighbor downstairs who we toss tomatoes to in the summer (although we make sure he’s ready to catch!).


This is so awesome!


So, so, so wonderful. Your story brought tears to my eyes.


This is just so crazy watching all these stories come in… you guys are so SO good!! I’m blown away with the level of thoughtfulness here.


I was just thinking the same thing!


When I received the Rockstar Community Fund (RCF) gift card in the mail, I didn’t have an immediate plan I was just excited for the opportunity to “do good.” I had ideas for the card, big ideas, ideas that needed a Hallmark Channel movie made about them. I wanted to buy gloves and scarves and leave them tied to trees so people could grab them as they needed them. I thought about snagging the rest of the Stars off the Angel Tree at the mall and fulfilling all the wishes. I wanted to commission someone to knit sweaters for all the Chihuahuas at the local animal shelter. The letter did say, “get creative” after all.

As I pondered my options and wondered who would play me in the Hallmark Channel movie (Sandra Bullock, of course) I scrolled by a friend’s Facebook post. My body froze as I read the message. The family had just learned that a young relative was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. I felt a familiar tightness in my stomach. My daughter was born with a rare brain disorder that was not discovered until her first birthday. I know the exhaustion of trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy for work, family, friends, and especially the other healthy child, when all your thoughts are consumed by the sick baby.

In her post, my friend was asking for gift card donations to grocery stores, restaurants, and gas stations so the family could focus on getting their child to and from the treatment center located in a city nearby. My heart ached for the family and the journey they were preparing for. I knew in that moment I would send them the RCF card to be used for whatever item would give them comfort. In addition, I added a $30 gift card to Target – because Target is my happy place.

Sending the card to my friend will not produce the same smiling warm fuzzy feels that a dozen Chihuahuas in matching sweaters would, but I know the family will be grateful to receive a gift that allows them to keep all their energy focused on the only thing that matters right now, the health of their child.

Thank you, Nate and Jay! Artwork by Katie Stone: Survivor - Vein of Galen Malformation


Chihuahuas! Sweaters! I’m sure there will be a next time.

Loved this post, Dani, and didn’t the card come at just the perfect time?


I love how you are always sweet and thoughtful and nice and also wicked smart and witty when you want to be, haha - glad your daughter is so good now, and Lucy’s better, and that we have people we love in Wichita!


Hey guys, we finished building the official RCF website! Thank you all so much for participating in this first mission and making it such as success. We loved this project so much that we decided to continue doing it every month going forward :slight_smile: We hope you’ll join us!

Please take a minute to check it out today, and feel free to share the site around now that everything’s public!

Official Site: www.RockstarCommunityFund.org
GivingCards Mission #1 Highlights: http://giving.rockstarfinance.com/giving-cards/mission-1/
List of Projects: http://giving.rockstarfinance.com/projects/
Total Given: http://giving.rockstarfinance.com/total/
Ways to Support the Projects: http://giving.rockstarfinance.com/get-involved/

And just in case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s January’s #GivingCards mission!


I know this is late to the game, but my family has been traveling for the last couple of weeks to Ecuador and I didn’t get to share my $20 story from the end of December.

I didn’t get a gift card, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to participate in such a cool project. So, I used my own money.

We were staying with my in-laws in St. Louis, MO over Christmas. We were about to leave the country for a year, had our bags packed, and the only thing I had left to do was get a long overdue hair-cut (no, I wish I had the guts to get a cool mohawk like @J.Money).

The lady who cut my hair at 3pm had been working all day, by herself, because no one else in the shop had showed up for the post-Christmas rush. She seemed tired, but she did a great job with the hair cut. We talked family and life, and I learned she had 3 children, worked hard to support them, and she was barely getting by. She wasn’t complaining, it was just something she said in passing.

So, I left her a nice $20 tip on top of the regular fee. I don’t think she even noticed the tip I put on the credit card because she had already moved on to the next person in line. But I hope it gave her a little extra to make a difference.

Thanks for the inspiration everyone. It felt really good.


Love never expires, my good man :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!


Hey all!

I hope all is well. I am super super late; however, I did receive the $20 gift card and decided to donate it to a local community garden which educates community members how to be entrepreneurs by growing their own food in North Philadelphia.


thanks for letting us know!! what’s important is that The Good was done - thanks for making it happen :slight_smile:


It was SO incredible to be able to do something I’ve wanted to do since voting at the Don Bosco Center! It’s a senior center here in KC and I noticed, while I was waiting in line to vote, their puzzles were ratty and old and most missing pieces. And…boring! SO… I bought brand new puzzles for the Senior Center! They LOVE THEM. I even stuck around and got to put one together. One of them was a 3D puzzle and we all decided it could just sit in the box… THAT THING!!! GAHHH!! LOL. Thank you for doing this… and I feel awful that I didn’t follow up timely. (sadly, I thought I did… ugh). This was just the best thing ever!!! BEING the good is my favorite… and being able to bring smiles to senior faces really was the best!


I love all the KC peeps on this board! Don Bosco is great - I have a good friend and former colleague who is a fundraiser there now.


These are the customer’s who found the bunnies (sorry for the very long delay).


Thanks for posting these! I did not expect it, and it made us smile :slight_smile:


I just found my card to share. I passed it on but after giving it to someone I found out the card was empty. Awkward!