RCF December 2016: An Unexpected Gift


Something pretty incredible happened to us on Christmas Eve. I had forgotten to buy some of the groceries we needed for the evening meal, so my husband ran to the grocery store to buy them. When he got home, he was dumbfounded. A kind stranger had paid for all of our groceries! He said he felt a little guilty at first, but also so grateful for the kindness! When he told me about it, I just about fell over. Tears filled my eyes. That’s what this is all about. I just never expected to be on the receiving end, but it just gives me even more faith that this project will continue to spread the good! :smiley:


Hi Amanda, I love your story too! That was awesome that you actually got to give money to youth directly and have a picture of it!


Sounds like a plan! I haven’t had their beers, but I’ve got a friend in Milwaukee who is way into rare and specialty beers - I believe I’ll be seeing him for a bottle share on Thursday.

I have had Miller Lite, although not in years, and I’ve enjoyed some MKE Hop Freak which is a great tailgating companion.



haha… Miller Lite! Yes, this is the home or Miller… I think the story is that Miller Lite came about to get the female customers when the men overseas for WW2. Anyway, I might be wrong about the story, but, even as a girl, I prefer a beer with some real flavor. :slight_smile:


Hey @PoF and @PrimalProsperity, I don’t drink, but if you two ever meet up in MKE, I’ll definitely go out for beers with you - love meeting good people :slight_smile:


Love it! And thank you so much for sharing the story on your blog!


Thanks for making it work up north of the US, and I loved reading about it on your site, too - so glad you’re hanging out with us :slight_smile:


Love that you got the kids involved, and such a perfect description of what you did and who you impacted, with pictures to enjoy . . . SO well done, thank you!


A) Excellent use

B) Let’s hope you don’t get arrested for some variation on mail fraud :wink:


@J.Money and I were just talking about how much we love it when people take the initial $20 seed money and turn it into even more to help others - so powerful! Thank you for participating and sharing and hanging out with us here on this project <3


Yes! You and @CentsiblyRich have the right idea - no matter what we do here with the RCF, @J.Money and I LOVE the idea of everyone buying their own preloaded $20 card at any point and keeping it with them to be ready to give and do good whenever the opportunity arises. Let’s all make Giving Cards a thing in 2017!


So true - single moms do everything for everyone, and so rarely get anything nice just for them . . . great use of the Giving Card! (P.S. I didn’t try to use mine online - you didn’t have any problems with it going through, did you?)


Gosh, I don’t even know what to say about this one. How unexpectedly lovely!


This one made me tear up. What an amazing thing to get a gift from a long-ago connection, from halfway around the world. These kinds of things are what make this project special. Thank you so so much for sharing!

P.S. The paragraph is updated, and next time we’ll have to have a world map!


Love that you guys were able to help out in such a tangible way, and making it a yearly thing is perfect . . . thank you!


Now I’m gonna have to go check out the Tricklebee Cafe - I live just a few miles away on the same road.

I hope you do get back once a month, thank you so much for contributing $20 monthly to help all of us give back, and make sure to share your blog post here when you write it up!

P.S. “Thinking outside the philanthropic box” is exactly what we’re trying to do here - @J.Money and I were talking about how fun it is to give back in creative and unique ways that are meaningful to each of us :slight_smile:


I’m with you, @Nate. Awesome story @MrsBITA. This is absolutely incredible to watch the reach of this gift idea from @J.Money and team. Really awesome idea.


Holy serendipity!


Hey guys first time here. I’m late to the giving party. Didn’t get one of the $20 cards. I came across the post of a Facebook friend I’ve never met who was helping a homeless lady who is in failing health. I sent $50 through paypal. It was the Rockstar podcast with Scott talking about giving in an older show that motivated me. I’ll be doing this more.


That’s awesome, Bateaux!! Way to make things happen. That is the overall goal of this project regardless of if it came directly from this forum or not. Spreading the love and making someone in need smile. Thanks for paying it forward!! :slight_smile: