RCF December 2016: An Unexpected Gift


Hey guys first time here. I’m late to the giving party. Didn’t get one of the $20 cards. I came across the post of a Facebook friend I’ve never met who was helping a homeless lady who is in failing health. I sent $50 through paypal. It was the Rockstar podcast with Scott talking about giving in an older show that motivated me. I’ll be doing this more.


That’s awesome, Bateaux!! Way to make things happen. That is the overall goal of this project regardless of if it came directly from this forum or not. Spreading the love and making someone in need smile. Thanks for paying it forward!! :slight_smile:


Glad you’ll be doing more, whether you jump in and grab a Giving Card from us each month or do your own . . . happy to have you!


I’m happy to have found this community. We’ve faced crazy times and blessed times. I’m seeking like minded people to learn and grow with.


We’ve reached a point in life where we can do more good. We’ve got a lot of favors to return.


First Card - In the White House Executive Office War Room … behind a 12lb Civil War Canon Ball! Say What?


Oh Look, hey George! Have you been in the White House very long? Look what is gonna hide behind that really old clock!!!


I think Im gonna stroll on up these steps and leave one for Mr. President!

Ice Bear says Success!


CRAZY!! These pics are awesome!


I took this in a slightly different direction :grinning:

My husband and I don’t usually give presents at Christmas, but we decided on a new tradition this year. We each gave to a nonprofit in the other’s name with the rules that it had to be something that would benefit other people and be meaningful to us.

My husband gave to the city parks (best places for picnics!) in my honor, and I gave to the Planet Money podcast (his favorite!) in his honor. The envelopes lived on our tree until Christmas morning and opening them was a lot of fun!


I think we’re going to need some more info on these pics!!! Awesome!! :slight_smile:


You are my hero.

Also please don’t get arrested doing this :+1:


Cool new tradition! I tried something similar with my kids this Christmas too :slight_smile:


Love love love these hiding places and pics, man. Think about the dichotomy between the EEOB War Room and the RCF Giving Cards, ultimately what they’re both about, and how they’re meeting together today - so cool!


No pictures for me, but I’m happy to report that we doubled the giveaway.

I went low key with my sister. She’s been through enough. We promised no gifts this Christmas, but it was fun to break the rules. I enclosed it in her Christmas card. No fanfare, just an extra $20 for her to help ease the stress of her new life.

We also put $20 into a case of Bud. Hubs’ treated his favorite postman. We wrapped up the Budweiser, set it on the counter and Hubs proclaimed “I hope you are thirsty!” The postman’s face lit up. I’m glad I was there to see that!


@ Nate - Hi Nate, I prefer meetups over coffee myself, rather than alcohol. I would actually like to try to find a community of similarly minded people to discuss collaboration ideas for community impact projects. I’ve looked on MeetUp.com but there really aren’t any groups that take the approach I’m looking for. It would be fun to have a similar community of this forum and the PF/FIRE blogging community, but in person. Email me if you are interested in something like this in Milwaukee. Thanks! [email protected]


@ Nate - Here is the post!


I absolutely love how you described the RCF #GivingCards as a $20 challenge to think outside the box and make an active contribution in your (our, I guess) community. So, so good!


I might make an appearance at a meeting like this, so just let me know if you get one going…


Low key, nice and easy, plus the mailman bonus - good stuff :wink: