RCF December 2016: An Unexpected Gift


Cookies? Happy to make a batch - come on up!


You know we always have so much love for you, Sarah – and you never disappoint. Thank you for taking this opportunity and for showing us all the power of a single spark of an idea.

I love this kind of giving. This is what it’s all about. <3


Or you should feel free to come across the lake for a visit . . . I’ve visited you!


I didn’t know that Lincoln was a refugee resettlement city - I drive through there often enough… Good to know.

This is such a good use of the #GivingCard! Simple, useful, personal, and unexpected. Love it!


That’s pretty cool. We had two opportunities that unexpectedly popped up this week. We were able to pitch in and help a family have Christmas dinner & presents this weekend and also two other boys in the foster care system didn’t have any gifts either.


Thanks so much for jump-starting this!

We received our card and decided to get our girls(5 and almost 2) involved.


So many wonderful people to share, but we decided to give our gift card to an extraordinary educator and all around giver.

Ms. Bradley is one of the reading specialists, but her work goes far beyond that role. She’s is EVERYWHERE, every school event, updating the website, a part of PTA, and she mentors a group of young girls.

And she recently made a leap into becoming an author and of course her kids are her focus. She wrote Brave Bradley to help students deal with bullies.

We caught her during mid-year award ceremony and were delighted to give her the card. She was thrilled and wanted to pass on her thanks!


I used the RCF gift card to purchase a gift certificate to a local restaurant and then anonymously put it on our mail carrier’s truck!!!


[quote=“Shin, post:31, topic:1172”]
Cookies and money!
[/quote] @Nate

I believe N.W.A. coined the phrase, “Life ain’t nothin’ but cookies and money.”



N.W.A was right.


OK. I just posted my pic of what we’re doing for our mail carrier on the weekly challenge post

(I will ask said mail carrier his name next time I sign for a delivery :disappointed:).

Our gift was more of a token than an all out affair, but I felt good about it until…

I mean who can compete with homemade choc. chip cookies? They look AMAZING!

I’m having pangs of “Keeping up with the Joneses” but as a do gooder!!!

Well done sir. Tip of the hat to you.


Yesterday, I gave away my $20 Visa card to an active duty Servicemember. It was awesome! When I received the card, I had this guy in mind to give the card. I wasn’t sure how he’d feel about getting it, but I knew from conversations we’ve had about money that he needed it. He was surprised to receive it and wanted to know what it was for. I said use it for what you need, food, Christmas gift for your son or gas, whatever the need is. He said thank you but did know what else to say. He did have a big smile, so I knew he was happy to receive unexpected money. It was the day before his holiday leave and a great way to end the day. Thank you for letting me be part of this wonderful gift giving!


His name is Warren and it looks like I’ve really made his day! :fireworks:


I just got home from giving my gift to a deli worker inside our local grocery store. After purchasing our own groceries my husband and I asked the store manager, Janet, if she had an employee who was in extra need right now. She initially said she had many. I then explained that I was honored with a gift card from an awesome group of people trying to do some good in the world and that I would love to gift it to someone who could really use it. Janet then thought of Pam, a deli worker who is currently undergoing chemo treatments and struggling to pay her electric bill. This sounded like a deserving candidate to me!

As we walked to the deli I turned to my husband and asked what cash he had. We could only come up with another $15 between us but we added that to the gift card and provided it to Pam with Janet standing by. Pam was very grateful and said that it definitely would do her some good. I was so excited to spread the goodness that I forgot to ask for a picture - oops! Pam and Janet too, extended their thanks and Happy Holiday wishes to all the Rockstars!


Just opened the mail from vacation today and the card was there. Threw it in my purse on my way out to restock the groceries. At the store, fate looked down, the young mother with 2 little ones in front of me was $20 short in her cash, $20 exactly and she was trying to figure out what to put back. I took it as a sign and gave her the card. No picture, but she said it made her day because everything she bought was for Christmas dinner. Made me just as happy, I immediately bought another gift card to keep in my wallet so I’m always ready for the next opportunity to help someone unexpectedly.


I wanted to do something super creative but today, after talking with another single mom friend, I found her Amazon wishlist and bought a few things just for her- just a few things to add to her kitchen.


Wow! That’s what it’s all about! Isn’t it amazing that the opportunity presented itself to you! Doesn’t it feel so great!?

Like you, I have my next $20 card in my wallet and am waiting on my next opportunity…and continually looking for it. I’m hoping my kids are with me next time!


@MoneyBuffalo - wow - that is good stuff!


@prayandscrub Oooh that is a good move -nice!


Today I gave the gift I made using the rockstar gift card. A woman I met a little while ago just lost her significant other of 25 years to a very unexpected car accident. I went and bought stuffing and thread and everything needed to take several of his work shirts that he wore everyday, and create a body pillow. It’s been a little over a month since his passing and I know she misses him dearly. Now she can hold on to a piece of him every night. Your gift, my gift, our gift, made her night’s a little bit more bearable. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do that for her. She deserves it.


This is lovely.