Quitting time


How did anyone decide to leave your 9-5 if you have a pension on the horizon? I have FU money and the house is paid off. The stress is really really getting to me. Did you have an idea lined up? Was it trading one stress for a new one?


Hi Jillena,

I’m not retired, but my co-blogger was in a similar situation to yours (it sounds like from your description). He held on until he could retire comfortably. He goes back and forth. Sometimes he’s glad he left and others he regrets leaving early because he could have been getting much more a month had he waited a few years.

If you are relatively close to retirement you might try to hold on. On the other hand, perhaps you could transfer to another position with the pension plan? You might also consider taking a leave.

Ultimately, your health is more important so something definitely needs to give. I’d look around at the options you have available to relieve the stress in your position before leaving altogether.

Hope this helps.



Thanks so much for your input. As far as a different position, im pretty close to the top I. My field so my pay can’t really be accommodated anywhere else. It would be a really significant drop. I’m not sure it could be approved. I have 5 years until I hit 46 and can delay and retire with 50% of my highest pay and full medical dental and vision for life after 55. My husband is willing to work longer to keep our medical benefits until I hit 55. So your partner is on his pension now? Blogging I’m guessing is his focus now. Was that lined up before he pulled the trigger?


That’s tough.

My co-blogger was older than you are when his job became most stressful (it had to do with a merger of departments and cutting people). He was in his mid-50’s and had put in enough time that he could retire comfortably. He didn’t have a plan for working once retired, and instead has focused on volunteer work. The blog came about more recently as another way to spread financial knowledge, although we do hope to make a nice side income eventually.

I’m wondering if you could take a short break somehow? Maybe a medical leave using your sick time?


After finishing school I held down several casual jobs, travelled and did what I did to make ends meet.
Ultimately I found myself in a job that got me onto a career path and I continued that path trying to rise through the ranks.

This was until I found my sweet spot.

The sweet spot being the merging of my passion, talent and money. All three being essential ingredients in tasting and experiencing success.