Quick hello to all and a brief introduction!


Hey guys! I’m Cal from the great state of California (name is a coincidence, I swear). I heard of these forums through another blogger @BusyMom from Countdown to Tranquility and I’m really excited to be part of the community!

Just as many of you, I am on my own personal journey towards financial independence. I thought that I would throw my hat in the ring and share my thoughts on the topic as well. There is no particular niche or angle to the blog - just whatever I find interesting or comes to mind. I hope to spend some time working on a few case studies with a friend and provide some value to the community.

Anyways, my blog is www.fimeouttahere.com. Please check it out and provide some feedback so I may continue to improve my writing and the site. Thanks all!


Welcome to the board Cal! I see in your top post you have a picture of Moe from the Simpsons so I am already on board! Hope you like what we’ve done with the place.


Nice to meet you Cal. Welcome!


Welcome to the forums. Happy you’re joining us.


I am still a big Simpsons fan, even though the writing has declined in quality dramatically over the seasons. It’s hard to stay fresh after 29 seasons.

One day, I hope to write about the episode, “And Maggie Makes Three”. It was when Homer was essentially Lean FI by working at the bowling alley, but the birth of Maggie changed all of that.


Welcome! You will love it here.


Thanks for the referral!


Lmao Homer and FI sounds utterly ridiculous. I would watch the crap out of that.

Going down that idea lane I would love to see an episode where Mr. Plow becomes the next Amazon haha.


Welcome, Cal. Glad to have you here!


I like your blog, nice and clean. It has just enough pop culture references that I dig. I do not see an option to ‘subscribe’ to your blog so that I can get automatic updates when you post. You should add one of these plugins and start collecting ‘followers’ right away. I would sign up.


Welcome to the community.

I wish I was in California on days like today.

You don’t have to shovel sunshine :sunny:️.


Welcome Cal.




Hi OthalaFehu! Thanks for pointing out that I didn’t even have a subscribe option - you can tell that I am new at this.

I also really appreciate your post on “Mistakes I Have Made” regarding blogging. Wished I found it earlier lol!.


Being in California, it’s not like I can’t afford a shovel after paying the rent.


Nice to meet you Cal


Hi Cal from California. Welcome to the forums, glad to have you here with us.


Welcome aboard!


I’m new too. Welcome. Tom


Hi Cal! I’m from California too. But my name is not Cal :wink:

It’ll be fun to read about what you find interesting!