PS: Target gift cards are 10% on Sunday!


If you like to scoop stuff like this up for gifts… or, yourself :wink:

More info from My Money log:

(or for gifts - who doesn’t like Target?)


Thanks for sharing the tip. We actually do buy these when this promotion goes on. Mr. Need2Save keeps one in his wallet to replenish snacks for his team in the lab at his work from time-to-time. It’s cheaper to buy them at Target and the 10% helps stretch a little longer. I know what he’ll be doing Sunday now!


Damnit - I forgot to go buy some today!! haha… I hope you remembered! :slight_smile:


You can still do it online and have it shipped to your place.

That’s what we did - got $600 worth and was in a store too and bought another $200.
Hoarding lol but we’re there a lot so we might as well stack up the discounts.


Just snagged mine online. Thanks J$.


you guys are way too smart, haha…