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Hey @moneybeagle I just changed my rss feed to show “full text” in wordpress and saved it. Let me know if it worked for you. Thanks for the tip as I am sure you weren’t the only who thought that, just the first one to say that. It makes sense now why I’d always get crazy google search hyperlink terms showing in my search terms on publishing days. RSS subscribers probably couldn’t read the full article, so they had to copy and paste the hyperlink to see it. Thanks for letting me know.


Yep @POF! That was a fun day and I look forward to getting the mountain bikes out again. For your retirement resume, you can now put, “nationally published photographer” in your CV as it’s 100% true. They asked for 12 pictures from me, and they chose one of yours. Feel proud about yourself, friend.


Thanks @TheFIJourneyman, I think you’re totally right that spiritually and finances can exist together. Honestly, the only way I have been able to accomplish what I have was by listening as deeply as I could to what God and my soul were telling me to do, and then just do it. I remember very early on in my prison life, I heard a mental voice that just told me to start writing, as I’d want to remember these moments one day. So I started a journal. That journal turned into 3,000 pages, and some of the realest thoughts I’d ever thought. Those thoughts led me to want to do my best in life, and doing my best in life just naturally led me to accidentally creating wealth. Spirituality has led me to finding everything that’s good in life, and that includes a healthy, happy relationship with money.

On a serious note, thank you for your encouraging words. I just want to help people, It’s a scary feeling to be totally open with the world, because sometimes, the world can hurt you. You encouraging me to “sharing about what is possible” gives me the confidence to take the risk to help people without the fear of getting hurt.

On a less serious note, I hate that for three hours this Sunday we are not going to be in agreement about what the right outcome will be. May the Viking horn blow as our ship sails home with the championship flag flying. SKOL!


Billy, Welcome and What a Great Story! Many people with far more privileged backgrounds don’t achieve what you have done since 2012! This should be an inspiration to all in the pursuit of financial independence. There are a many good bloggers in this forum, and I invite you to check out their articles, both for learning and for collaboration. Best wishes!


That should probably do it. I’ll keep a look out for your next article as it should show up with a full feed then. Thanks for making the change!