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My name is Billy B @ Wealth Well Done. I was a normal college kid until I went to prison for ten years at the age of 21 after a good friend of mine died from a drug overdose. I was released in 2012, and immediately chased every dream I had while incarcerated. I was surprised when those dreams accidentally lead me to creating wealth, and that’s the journey I write about at

After 1.5 years of making friendships in this community, I am finally getting around to introducing myself here.

My first national feature on MSN Money was published today. I’d be honored if you’d check it out: How One Man Went From Prison To A Path of Wealth.

These are three steps to wealth I promote:

1) Escape Your Prison. Weather this means forgiving yourself for a mistake, or destroying debt, or breaking chemical or mental addictions, the first step to wealth is simply escaping the prisons that incarcerate your true self.

2) Compound Your Cash. Once your mind and spirit are free from the cages we lock ourselves in: save, save, save, and invest, invest, invest, so you’ll have surplus amounts of cash to use as a tool to help you achieve your purpose in life.

3) Pursue Your Purpose. Now that your free from all the life and money problems that stole so much of your positive energy, start listening to what your soul wants to accomplish with your life. Once you can hear the deepest dreams in your soul, dedicate 100% of your money, mind, and energy to fearlessly pursue that dream.

If you’re interested in more of my background story, here’s 3 guest posts I’ve written that sum most of it up, and I’d love to answer any questions in the comment sections. Hello!

How I Survived Prison and Accidentally Found my Path to Wealth, Via Budgets are Sexy.

How A Ten Year Prison Sentence Inspired me to Retire Early, Via Think Save Retire.

Life Lessons Learned in Jail, Via Millennial Revolution.


First national feature AND you appear to be a Vikings fan.

Not a bad week!



Welcome, you have had one heck of a ride!


Lol… I’m the biggest Viking fan around so it has been a good week. Man, that was an exhausting game! My emotions jumped back and forth between feeling sick, and feeling incredibly high every other five minutes! All of Minnesota was in a daze walking around after that crazy game on Sunday. Let’s bring the super bowl home in 3 weeks!


Hey Billy! I think I read your story over on Budgets Are Sexy. If not there I know I read it because I couldn’t believe you had the resiliency to succeed after all of that nonsense!!

Great to see you here! Keep smashing those goals!


Great story. Welcome. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.


Hey @30-0 , yep that was me. J$ was kind enough to let me guest post for him. Seriously, the first third of my life was hell in so many ways, shapes, and forms. I don’t even know how I survived it to tell you the truth. I guess it’s just like anyone’s struggles at different times in their lives. You put one foot in front of the other, and do your best every day, and hope that at some point you’ll finally break through to find your peace, happiness, and rest. I’ve been out 5 years now, and I am just beginning to settle down. I’m personally pursuing financial independence just so I can finally be at peace. Being at peace is thing I strive to accomplish the most. Thanks for commenting.


Wow, you have such an inspiring story! Welcome to the forum!


Thanks Partners in Fire. Honestly, when I was sentenced to prison, the last thing I thought about was that this is going to be an inspiring story. But as I started to put one foot in front of the other, and just learned how to think clearly again, I started to see a new dream forming inside my head. I started to believe that I could transform this horrible, wicked tragedy into an inspiring story that could not only help me get my life back, but it could help other people either avoid the nightmare I lived, or find their way out of the nightmare they’re in. I’m not all the way to where I want to be yet, but I am working towards my goal every day to help the people I can reach.


Hey thanks Millionairedoc! The secret to success and life: Just keep putting one foot ahead of the other when times are difficult, and as you walk, figure out what the heck went wrong, and do everything in your power to get things to start going right again!!!


Incredible story… it’s very interesting to see the ripple effects of 1 event and how it can shape a life (for better or worse). Glad to have you here!


I read your story on Budgets Are Sexy. Cool seeing you here too.


Glad you made it over here. I remember your story on Budgets are Sexy and it was very memorable.

I’d love to subscribe to your RSS feed. Would you consider changing your feed to publish full articles and not just a snippet? If so, let me know and I’ll head right over to subscribe.



Hey Money Beagle!!! Yeah, I’d love to! Can you help me out and tell me how to do that? Remember, I just learned how to work an email address in the last 5 years, so I’m new to all this RSS feed language? Is there a setting in wordpress that can help me do that?


Dude - were you not on the forum until now?? WTF. How have you been crashing the North Star meetups? @ApathyEnds seems you need stricter borders to keep the non forum riff-raff out of your meet ups :wink:

Good to see you here!!


Hey cool lady friend, Miss Mazuma!!! I’ve always been in and out of the forums. I’ve just never formally introduced myself here before. I’ve always been meaning to, just never got around to it. The journalist who did the MSN feature told me to share it as the more clicks it gets, the higher it will climb on their page, so that gave me the motivation to finally do a formal introduction here. I know alot of my close friends already know me, but I know there’s many others who haven’t met me yet. So the timing was just right to finally get around and make introducing myself formally a priority.


Great story. Some say that money and spiritually cannot exist together. I think that they can. Your story is truly inspiring. You have made the most out of your second chance. You have a positive message about change and your message can help many people. Your past might be extremely painful, but it is an asset. It is an asset because you can share hope with those who have gone down the wrong path. Addiction is a nasty disease. It takes people from every race, educational level, and economic status. Please keep sharing about what is possible.

On a less serious note, Fly Eagles Fly!


Incredible story! As an Anesthesiologist, I am unfortunately acutely aware of the addiction and hold fentanyl can have on your life. I’ve had colleagues overdose and die and kicked out of residency because of this exact issue. We all personally struggle with or have loved ones and friends that struggle with addiction.

Glad that you have made the most of your prior demons. Truly an inspiration! Thanks for being brave enough to share your story.


Congrats on the MSN feature, Billy. I recognized one of the pictures of you and the mountain bike as one I took!


Getting the recognition you deserve! You are achieving your goals you set for yourself. I’m excited to follow on you on your journey.

Keep it rolling Bill