Podcasting from Minnesota, it's The Mastermind Within Podcast!


Hi Rockstar Finance forumers,

I’ve been around for about a year now on the forums, and have met a lot of amazing people here. I truly love this community - everyone is incredibly supportive and positive towards people reaching their full potential.

On a whim, I started a podcast at the end of January. I’ve announced it on my blog, but not everyone reads that (I’m not bitter or anything :wink: )

The goal of this podcast is to deliver my message in a different way, but also to showcase and feature amazing people doing amazing things. I’m focusing more generally on self improvement and entrepreneurship, but that’s not to say finance will not be a main theme for these episodes (having your finances in order allow you to take risks in business or your career!)

This week, I published the 3rd weekly episode. My plan is to publish every Tuesday to compliment my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday blog post schedule.

Below are the episodes to this point, I’d appreciate a listen and for feedback, and I always love shares :slight_smile:

#1 My Values and Purpose
#2 Networking and Podcasting on the Commute to Success featuring my friend Ben Peters
#3 Practicing Simple Daily Disciplines to the C-Suite with Gen Y Finance Guy

Finally, if you would like to get on the podcast, I’m always open to listening. I’d appreciate it if you’d reach out and let me know what great tips you would have in the areas of self improvement, side hustles and entrepreneurship, and of course, personal finance, and we can go from there.



I am about to listen to your latest episode now! Got the day off for Mardi Gras


Very nice. Keep it up Erik. Tom


Hi Erik! Congrats on the new podcast! :slight_smile:


Congrats, again, on launching the podcast. I loved your monologue in the first episode.


That was quite the ramble session :slight_smile: But it was fun to do! I’m liking the interviews a little more now though!


It was real and raw and I think that is what made it so great.


I’ve got so much to catch up on!


I sense you’ll have plenty of time to in the coming weeks and months!!! :wink:


Subscribed, from a fellow MN blogger!


Congrats on the launch of the podcast! I like publishing on Tuesday mornings because it gives me the weekend, plus Monday night for finishing touches. (BTW, I always need Monday!)

Your bot sounds really cool! And love your purpose of wanting to help people.


Thanks :slight_smile: I appreciate the support!


Thanks :slight_smile: next time we get the gang together, you’ll have to show up!